HCG Diet Craze- SAFE?

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Some time back, one of my kids told me about this wonderful product that would enable one to lose a lot of weight fast- said her family was using it, loved it, and thought I would benefit by it since it’s so hard for me to lose. I got some and discovered that there was more to it than just taking this liquid- I had to eat only 500 calories per day! Now I happen to know that on 500 calories a day, most people would indeed lose considerable weight no matter what diet product they put into their body, so I went to both my Naturopath and my medical Doctor, asking each of them what they thought or if they knew anything about this product. Both of them told me the same thing– it’s not a good idea, not a good product, and you will lose the same amount of weight without it, just following their diet- well I already knew that, but it never hurts to have ones knowledge confirmed yet again. If you wonder about this, you may find this article by the MAYO CLINIC to be helpful.



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