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Much has been written about Soy in recent years and it has become a staple for many people, especially if they are on a program to lose weight… HOWEVER– are you aware that it is only a healthy thing for us if it is fermented- and there are a number of better choices for feeding baby and losing weight?

You must decide for yourself, but I’ve stopped including it in my own personal diet and that may be something you would like to consider as well. I’ve now seen articles from a number of doctors and nutritionist’s I trust, who warn that we should NOT consume it– so here is my top 10 reasons to avoid it, although there are more.

#1- Soy blocks the absorption of vital minerals.

#2- Soybeans undergo heavy industrial processing which create toxins in the final products.

#3- Soy contains goitrogens which depress thyroid function.

#4- Manufactured soy products are NOT a good source of protein.

#5- Phytoestrogens in soy may cause breast cancer.

#6- Soy products can contain MSG.

#7- Most soy is genetically modified (GMO).

#8- The farming practices used to cultivate soybeans kill marine life.

#9- Soy does not even have GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status.

#10- It is a myth that Asian cultures consume a lot of soy and achieve health benefits. The soy they consume is fermented and just fine for us.

AT THIS POINT we wish to share this article and very interesting video from Dr. Mercola.. if you have a thyroid problem, or if you’re feeding a baby, you really need to listen to this message from Dr. Mercola now!

To Your Good Health!


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