Four Great Tips From Coach Josh- We Agree

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Don’t be fooled. Here are 4 health foods that are the biggest enemy to your waistline:

#1: Fruit Juices 

Most of the world is fooled into thinking that downing fruit juices is a great way to be healthy and lose flab. But the fact is, this just isn’t true. Grape juice, orange juice, pineapple juices, apple juice—they all almost instantly spike your blood sugar levels and cause cravings for more sugar. Even worse, processed juices are stuffed with High Fructose Corn Syrup and Crystalline Fructose which cause even more powerful cravings than regular ol’ sugar. Eat fruit instead. The fiber in whole fruit slows down the release of insulin and holds cravings at bay.

Tip: Diet soft drinks and diet waters with artificial sweeteners cause even more cravings than fruit juice! Buyer beware.

#2: Whole Wheat Grains

Many people think that most whole wheat breads and pasta are good for them. But the truth is, most of these foods are stripped of all their natural fiber and nutrition. Therefore, these “complex carbs” act just like sugar in your body and they get quickly stored as fat. Look for sprouted grain versions of these foods. Even “whole wheat” bread isn’t good unless it says 100% Whole Wheat on the label, but with all the changes that have been made to our wheat crops, even this should be avoided.

#3: Healthy Cereals

Take a look at most cereal boxes and you will see two things: (1) Some advertising claiming how healthy it is and (2) a TON of sugar in every serving! And, most people eat two or three servings in a bowl. Then they wonder why they’re hungry an hour or so later. Check the labels and stick to cereals that have a lot of natural fiber and lower sugar. Even equal amounts of fiber and sugar will help reduce cravings. What’s more, natural oatmeal is a great choice with a little cinnamon, stevia and a couple blueberries. It’s loaded with fiber with some good fats and proteins.

#4: Most Yogurts

Yogurts tend to be packed full of craving-causing sugar. I’m talking about 20 or more grams in a little tiny container. This is definitely a diet food that will cause your belly to bulge. Alternative: Look for Greek yogurts. They tend to have ½ the sugar and double the protein.

Jeannie here– You will find more of what you need to know on our EAT HEALTHY! page.



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