Foods To Avoid For Fat Loss

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IN MY VERY BUSY LIFE– I haven’t put the time into this blog that I would like, nor have I put in all the information you should have. I want to tell you why certain things are bad for your body, but in the meantime, if you just leave out the following, your body will reward you for it. In most cases, you can just switch brands and keep eating the same way. I used to eat rice cakes with peanut butter on top as a tasty low carb snack, but once I no longer eat certain ingredients I thought those days were over- not so! A trip to Trader Joe’s solved that problem in a most yummy way!  Their rice cakes have only two ingredients- whole grain brown rice and sea salt. I stopped buying peanut butter because what I liked had not only peanuts, but sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil (Rapeseed, cottonseed and soy bean) and molasses. I had tried the brand that was just peanuts, but it had to be stirred often and it was hard to do. Reg and I liked the taste but not the work. GOOD NEWS! Trader Joe’s had their own version of healthy peanut butters and even though they have to be stirred, I bought one. I decided on Valencia Peanut Butter with Roasted Flaxseeds, took it home and got a very pleasant surprise- it was very easy to stir and I haven’t had to stir it since, even though it is kept in the frig! Oh- the ingredients? Dry Roasted Valencia Peanuts, Roasted Golden Flaxseeds, Sea Salt. That’s all, and it is sooooo good!! I’m almost out- need another trip to Trader Joe’s! 

OK- to be especially healthy and lose some stubborn fat, clear these from your kitchen- Most processed foods!

  • Flour- yes, even enriched wheat and 100% whole wheat flour. Instead, get the sprouted breads.

  • Sugar- that includes anything ending in ose- (fructose, dextrose, etc.) and corn syrup, but there are more. This includes all processed artificial sweeteners. Instead, get items that contain honey, stevia and Monk Fruit.

  • Processed Oils- especially Canola. Instead, use olive oils and coconut oil.

  • Soy Products- read one of our several articles about soy. Instead, get natural products that don’t contain soy.

  • MSG and other things in the label you don’t recognize as a natural food. Instead, use spices that you recognize and know to be good.

This is only a partial list- watch our site as we strive to help you make a difference in your body and achieve wellness for your whole family.



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