#1 WORST Beverage For A Flat Belly


Here are some great tips from Coach Josh. We don’t totally agree with him, but he so much believes the way we do, that we are pleased to pass this on!

Coach Josh Here…   If you’ve already read my BellyFatFREE book you know that Americans are exposed to all kinds of food additives that are harmful to our health and our waistline.

But you may be shocked to find out that one of the top “belly-bulgers” has been consumed for centuries… it’s often touted as healthy… and it is highly addictive with a TON of “hidden calories.”

Is it fruit juice… soft drinks… or energy drinks? Although all of these are “bad,” they are definitely not the worst.

That award goes to… drum roll please… ALCOHOL! (Cue up your favorite alcohol-inspired country song now. Mine is Braid Paisley’s song “Alcohol…” Or maybe Toby Keith’s “I Love This Bar.”)

You may be surprised to see alcohol on my list of obesity additives because the wine industry would have you believe that everybody should drink one glass of red wine per day for better health. Heck, why not drink an entire bottle? (Sarcasm.)

What’s more, beer companies spend almost $2 billion every year in their quest to convince you of how “light” their products are.

I remember the first drink of alcohol I ever had. I was 7 and my father gave me a sip of his beer at a pizza place and I gagged. I was shocked… people really think this tastes good? All of those attractive people in beer commercials really get their incredible bodies drinking something that tastes this bad?

When you think about it, the marketing of alcohol is quite ironic. TO MAKE ALCOHOL, large vats are filled with yeast (a fungus) and a form of sugar (red grapes, beets, malted barley, and so on). The fungus then feeds on the sugar source and excretes the byproduct— ethanol and carbon dioxide. (Shot of fungus excretion, anyone?)

Alcohol manufacturers then take this crude-tasting, highly addictive toxic concoction, slap a label on it, and begin telling American children that they’re not cool if they don’t drink their version of fungus urine. “Sure it tastes bad… but keep drinking it and you’ll get used to it.” Or, “Hey, mix some addictive sugar with it to mask that nasty taste.” Talk about pulling the wool over the sheep’s eyes.

I want to take a minute to let the cat out of the bag here: There are much healthier and lower-calorie ways to get antioxidants than ingesting red wine… (heck, eat some red grapes) and there’s nothing light about light beer. Now I hate to be the “fun police,” but the facts show that alcohol does much more damage than good (I know from experience, as my college roommates will verify).

And, whether you realize it or not, these calories can add up in a big way. After all, they don’t call it a beer belly for nothing. Let’s take a look at the numbers, shall we?

  • One light beer = 100 calories
  • One regular imported beer = 160 calories
  • One 4-ounce glass of red wine = 90 calories
  • One wine cooler = 200 calorie
  • One 8-ounce margarita = 450 calories (As much as a Big Mac!)
  • One shot of hard alcohol = 100 calories

So let’s say you enjoy just one light beer or a glass of wine each day. That adds up to an extra 700 calories per week; 2,800 calories per month; and 33,600 calories per year. (And let’s be honest, who really drinks just one alcoholic beverage at a time.)

Considering that 3,500 excess calories equal one pound of fat, we’re talking about adding almost 10 pounds per year, just from one can of “light” beer a day. (A margarita a day would add on over 40 lbs.) And this doesn’t even take into account the greasy, unhealthy food choices that all too often go hand-in-hand with alcohol. Would you eat those cheese sticks, potato skins, chips, pizza, and hot wings if you weren’t drinking? Maybe not.

What’s more, when you realize that 2.5 million people were killed or injured in alcohol-related car accidents last year, it becomes clear that we as a society have a big, fat drinking problem. According to the World Health Organization, alcohol causes nearly 4 percent of deaths worldwide, more than AIDS, tuberculosis or violence (wars).

The bottom line is this: Regardless of the brainwashing attempts of alcohol advertisers, alcohol (including red wine) is not healthy. It can lead to liver damage, heart disease, and cancer, not to mention all of the other diseases related to consuming excess calories. (Don’t shoot the messenger… )

If you’re interested in a healthy body and a flat belly, I suggest avoiding alcohol as best you can—or at least limiting it to two regular-sized drinks per week—as a general rule. (Disclaimer: I’m not a teetotaler. I do have maybe two drinks a month.)

Finally, if you can’t avoid this highly addictive substance, it’s time to seek out professional help. (Alcoholics Anonymous’ web site is www.AA.org)


Coach Josh

P.S. This weekend I splurged by eating a nice, juicy hamburger. Do I feel guilty because I was “cheating” on my eating plan? Not a bit.

Jeannie here- Coach Josh was only cheating if he ate the bun. For years now, I love and eat yummy, juicy, cheeseburgers- on a plate with a knife and fork… put lettuce on the plate- add tomato, onion, mayo, mustard- whatever goodies we put on our burgers, then put the burgers on top– oh, don’t skip the olives and pickles! YUM!!



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