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Ladies, here’s something that’s PERFECT for you, especially after a long summer of sun. It’s a way to look more refreshed, feel more energetic, and yes: even ‘look’ 5-10 years younger in the face.

And it’s found right in your kitchen.

My good friend Jon was telling me about beauty expert Hanan’s “50 cent botox-alternative” recently. Now, I’m not into “facials” but I was really curious about this, since I know the pain and expense of “The Tox”.

“Josh, she went into the KITCHEN and got all the stuff she needed. She put this concoction on our faces and made us sit there for about 15 minutes. We looked ridiculous.

But 15 minutes later, I could not believe it. Our skin was noticeably tighter! My friends who did this with me were saying how their entire face felt tight and fresh and how they had more wrinkles 10 minutes before!”

Here’s Hanan’s website so you can read about it:

Dozens Of Beauty Tips That Cost Pennies <=== Click Here

Now, here’s the really good news:

Hanan has just finished her new report called “The Beauty of Food” that reveals ALL of her beauty tips and the vast majority use nothing more than FOODS (not that you eat) to make the treatments.

She looks at least 10 years younger than her age (she gets carded everywhere she goes) and she is ALWAYS using these homemade formulas.

A “50 Cent Facelift” Right In Your Kitchen <=== Click Here

But there’s more:

Hanan reveals one of the biggest SECRETS the beauty industry does NOT want you to know. Virtually every one of those expensive face creams, lotions, masks, and even shampoos contain dangerous “parabens”.

Parabens cause a rise in estrogen, which can cause SERIOUS problems with menstrual cycles and early menopause for women, and “manboobs” in men.

So, while her book will definitely give you awesome, homemade beauty treatments, it can also save your health in the process. Estrogen overload is serious, and these simple, natural alternatives can help you stop the damage and restore natural hormone health.

Grab her book here today, because she’s practically giving it away — the first 1,000 copies that is:

SALE (First-Comers Only) <=== Click Here

Here’s To You!

Coach Josh

P.S. Hanan is serious about her “first 1,000 only” massive sale. She’s giving this away for $20 OFF to the first takers only. Then it goes up. And up some more after that.

Read what she has to say on her website below.

SALE (First-Comers Only) <=== Click Here

P.P.S. Just her personal story is worth the visit. It’s amazing.


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