12 Reasons NOT To Drink Diet Coke

Jon has sent us his thoughts on artificial sweeteners, particularly aspartame, and I’d like to share.

Jon writes… When I was struggling on one diet after another, when I
weighed over 400lbs, I remember how impossible it
was to get through the day without sugar…

… like most people, I was hooked.

Everyone knows sugar messes up your energy levels
and leads to weight gain – that’s no mystery – but how
do you stop?

Unfortunately, most people do what I did – they start
using artificial sweeteners like aspartame. I’m talking
about Diet Coke, sugar-free candies and mints, and
even desserts.

Of all the artificial sweeteners out there, aspartame
tastes pretty decent. It’s sweet, and it really does have
zero calories.  But at what cost?

James Bowen, M.D. says:

“The fact that aspartame fattens people is generally
well known…. aspartame also poisons your metabolism
so you cannot burn calories.”

Aspartame has managed to remain on the “legal” list
of food additives since the 1980’s – but legal does not
mean it’s safe, and the truth is, it’s not something you
should ever eat. 

There are over 92 documented side effects from aspartame.
Here are 12 of the more common effects:
*impaired vision
*tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in ears)
*noise intolerance
*epileptic seizures
*memory loss
*weight gain

In case you missed it, read that last one again: weight gain.
Food manufactures would lead you be believe that “sugar
free” foods help you lose not gain, and yet, the reality is
quite different.
In health,
Jon, Gabriel Method


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