Is Gluten-Free For You & Me?

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I know some of you eat a gluten-free diet because wheat products  don’t seem to agree with you. I also know that God created wheat and people in Bible times baked bread and there were times God told the people to eat bread. I do believe the bread they ate way back then was a very healthy food, which is mostly not available to us today, because our wheat is processed– bleached, the nutrition removed, and the resulting flour is not a healthy choice for us to consume. For those who can and do eat breads, there is a new diet twist you might consider, so I turn this article over to Isabel now…

Lose the grains– lose the gut!

Recently my business partner, Jeff, wanted to really buckle down and lose a few stubborn pounds that had crept on from business trips. Now, Jeff is a very fit guy and absolutely follows the Beyond Diet meal plans, but I think he was following the “when in Rome” food plan this summer. (Just teasing, Jeff!)

Jeff asked me for the quickest method to lose the weight. And my advice might surprise you. I told him…

“Don’t eat grains.”

That’s right, not even sprouted whole grain bread. You see, even SWG bread contains some gluten, and sometimes your diet needs a boost like this to get you back on the right track.

Not only did he lose 15 pounds without losing muscle mass, Jeff was able to continue eating grain free – without regaining the weight – on several business trips this fall.

Jeff actually found a lot of great grain-free recipes, like Superfood Chili, from a new cookbook, The Everyday Grain-Free Cookbook, written by our friend, Kelsey Kale.

Kelsey developed all 94 recipes in this information- (and inspiration-) packed cookbook in her own kitchen. It’s hard to believe by looking at her now, but, like me, Kelsey once struggled with her weight. What worked for her was going grain free, and she’s never looked back…or looked better!

Not only is every recipe gluten free AND grain free – which means fewer carbs and lower sugars – she offers dairy-free modifications for many recipes. Perfect for the holidays when you never know what intolerances or allergies people may have. She brought Fudgey Peanut Butter Protein Brownies to the office recently that were a total crowd pleaser.

One of my family’s favorite recipes is Basic Almond Flour Biscuits…so good! You can have them with dinner, or make a breakfast sandwich with one biscuit, an egg fried in coconut oil, and a tomato slice. Great for on-the-go mornings.

Jeannie here- We are sad to say the great book of special recipes is no longer available but there are many of these recipes on-line– just Google Almond Flour Biscuits or Peanut Butter Protein Brownies and choose the ones you want! These girls are right on! All wheat is a bad idea especially if you are trying to lose weight! Do check out our EAT HEALTHY! page for more information and do consider Keto if chemical-free isn’t doing it for you at the moment- it is truly the best thing for losing excess flab and gaining great health!



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