Is Skinny Cow Ice Cream A HEALTH SCAM?– DON’T Eat It!!

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I was surprised to see Josh call this ice cream a scam in his email to me, so I looked up the word scam to see just how many ways it can be used and found, among other things, this:  “Basically it means to trick someone in order to get something desirable …”.  That explained it very well. This company is putting out a very bad and unhealthy product cheaply and telling people it is a good product, in order to get our hard-earned money. It probably does taste good, but there it ends. After reading the list of ingredients, there is no way I will ever buy it for myself, or any child in my company who likes ice-cream! Thank you, Josh, for sharing this!…

Over the weekend while out with a buddy we stopped in a local convenience store in an attempt to find a healthy snack (tall order, I know).  While I made my way over to where the pistachios and other nuts were, he reached inside the frozen food case and pulled out a Skinny Cow vanilla ice cream sandwich made by Nestle®.

“Hey this is healthy”, he said. “It’s only got 140 calories, 1.5 grams of fat and 3 grams of fiber. It says it right here on the label.”

However, upon further review of the back of the label (there was a convenient fold covering up all of the unflattering nutrition information) this small ice cream sandwich is STUFFED with chemicals I call obesity additives. Here are the whopping 33 ingredients and my comments after some of them:

  1. Skim milk
  2. Bleached wheat flour (acts like sugar in the body)
  3. Sugar (the main cause of belly fat)
  4. Caramel color (the same junk they color soft drinks with)
  5. Dextrose (sugar)
  6. Palm oil
  7. Corn flour (most likely from genetically modified [GMO] corn)
  8. High fructose corn syrup (causes extreme cravings; most likely GMO)
  9. Corn syrup (ditto)
  10. Baking soda
  11. Modified corn starch (most likely GMO)
  12. Mono and diglycerides
  13. Soy lecithin
  14. Cocoa
  15. Sugar (again)
  16. Corn syrup (again)
  17. Polydextrose (sugar)
  18. Whey protein
  19. Cream
  20. Calcium carbonate
  21. Inulin
  22. Natural flavor (this is a joke considering all the unnatural flavors)
  23. Propylene glycol monostearate (ugh… more on this below)
  24. Microcrystalline cellulose
  25. Sodium carboxymethylcellulose (that’s a mouthful)
  26. Guar gum
  27. Monoglycerides
  28. Sorbitol (a sugar alcohol)
  29. Carob bean gum
  30. Citric acid
  31. Vitamin A palmitate
  32. Carrageenan (a seaweed extract)
  33. Salt

So as you can see, this may be a low fat ice cream sandwich, but don’t think for a second that this “Skinny Cow” is a healthy food choice that’s going to help you or your family lose flab. This is a nutrient dead “Frankenfood.” By this I mean that it’s not even a real food, it’s just a chemically-altered food-like substance.

They should call it “dead meat” instead of “skinny cow”.  Really, really, bad.

And it gets worse: Propylene Glycol Monostearate (ingredient #23) is found…

  • As a working fluid in hydraulic presses
  • As a coolant in liquid cooling systems
  • To regulate humidity in a cigar humidor
  • As the killing and preserving agent in pitfall traps, usually used to capture ground beetles
  • As an additive to pipe tobacco to prevent dehydration
  • To treat livestock ketosis
  • As the main ingredient in deodorant sticks
  • As a solvent used in mixing photographic chemicals, such as film developers.
  • As an ingredient in the production of paintballs

The College of Health and Human Sciences at Oregon State says this about propylene glycol monostearate: “Slightly more toxic than propylene glycol in animals, and in large doses produces central nervous system depression and kidney injury.”


So while my friend wolfed down this artificial piece of toxic waste, I stuck with all natural pistachios.

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