Friends Are Soooo Wonderful- Yummy Healthy Recipes!!

My friends are sharing goodies we all want, or at least need, to know! I am pleased now, with their permission, to pass some wonderful facts and ideas on to you!Banana-RaspberryIt is now my great pleasure to introduce to you, Carolina Crystal Heart, who has the very healthy web site Blissness, Health & Fasting. I hope you get as much joy from it as I have.

I will be putting this link on my link page and some of her yummy, healthy recipes on my recipe page. Enjoy, everyone!!


About talknshare

My study of how to achieve and keep good health began when I was 18 and has been my lifelong passion. I have learned much over the years and when my T.O.P.S. group dissolved, I created Talk 'N Share. Life happened and I have not done anything with it until now. Since the beginning of this year I have learned many important things and wish to share with others, who like myself, may find it nearly impossible to lose those last few pounds and maintain the loss already achieved.
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