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Soy stuffsMuch truth is in this report and we recommend you read it.

By CHRIS EVERARD:  STOP EATING ANY SOYA PRODUCTS – NOW! It is the POISON which is being used to dumb-down, sterilize and KILL the intellectual, vegetarian and vegan population. The soy industry is exactly that – an industry – with the goal of making money. They want to convince us that soy is a miracle health food, and they have invested millions of dollars in marketing to do just that – quite successfully, I would add. For every risk I mentioned here, there is another study that contradicts that risk and wants to call me crazy… The SOYA industry – especially SOYA MILK – is an industry which keeps ISRAEL AFLOAT – “It’s a huge mistake to think that there’s no genetically-modified food in Israel” said Naama Rosenberg, spokeswoman at the Volcani Institute of Agricultural Research. In a telephone interview, Ms. Rosenberg went on to explain that 90-100% of soy in Israel is of genetically-modified origin. NINETY to a HUNDRED PER CENT! Genetically modified!

That of course, includes vegetarian hot dogs and veggie schnitzels, not to mention baby formula… SOYA FLOUR and SOYA EXTRACT is NOT BEING LABELED on many products… ISRAEL has been fighting for the SOYA it spreads around the world NEVER TO BE LISTED on Baby Formula! In Israel, there is no regulation requiring products that contain imported GM ingredients to be labeled. And it is Israel which controls the world market in the machines and technologies which create SOYA MILK. NEVER EVER drink soya milk (you can make your own almond milk instead – look it up online)…

Soy is not without its benefits, I admit. But I encourage you all to check out the facts for yourself. Asian cultures have historically eaten soya primarily in its FERMENTED forms: such as miso, tempeh, soy sauce, and tamari are all fermented soy products. They have not been shoveling tons of it down their throats in it’s RAW UM-FERMENTED form. Soya is not really a central FOOD STUFF – it contains protease inhibitors and phytates which cause constant deterioration of you health. You will forever have colds and flu, respiratory breathing failure – all this can be caused by drinking just a small amount of SOYA MILK in tea each day – I know – I have a friend who has constant wheezing attacks and is always getting colds – and it is because of the SOYA MILK they drink.

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