Why You Should NEVER Use Splenda!


If the link above doesn’t work, use this one… Dr. Michael Wayne.

We studied and then published an article on Splenda and other artificial sweeteners recently, and now are pleased to share some words from Coach Josh and also Dr. Michael Wayne with you. Coach Josh says, in part… 

Splenda, also known as sucralose, is an artificial, chemical sweetener.

Despite advertisements stating “Made from Sugar, so it Tastes like Sugar”, which attempt to confuse consumers, Splenda is not natural and contains no elements of natural sugar.

You may also be surprised to learn that Splenda contains chlorine.  Yes, the same chlorine that goes in swimming pools.  And here’s the worst side effect:

Just like chlorine kills off micro-organisms in swimming pools, Splenda and sucralose kill off healthy bacteria that lives in your gut — healthy bacteria that is vitally important to virtually every aspect of your health.

Recently, a study at the University of Duke confirmed this very finding.  Not only is sucralose a heavily-processed, chemical artificial sweetener, but it’s also damaging to your gut health, which goes on to affect every other aspect of your health.

Here’s a direct quote from that study:

“Splenda suppresses beneficial bacteria and directly affects the expression of the transporter P-gp and cytochrome P-450 isozymes that are known to interfere with the bioavailability of nutrients. Furthermore, these effects occur at Splenda doses that contain sucralose levels that are approved by the FDA for use in the food supply.”

Jeannie here– All artificial sweeteners are bad for our bodies in many ways. Dried cane sugar and honey are good, but may be giving you more carbs than you need or want. We recommend one of the several brands of pure Stevia or Monk fruit because they taste good and contain zero carbs. Whatever you do, just remember… if God made it, we can safely eat it. If man messed around with it, changed it, then tries to tell us it’s new and improved, well think about it and you probably won’t want to eat it. LET’S EAT NATURAL, FOLKS–



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