Should You Count Calories Or Carbs?

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This past week, a special family member who has hit yet another plateau in her weight loss efforts (we all do), has asked a few questions that I’d like to address. To protect and not embarrass her, I will call her Judy.

Judy is a very attractive, talented and educated young lady who is different from me in many ways– except one– we both have the ‘family curse’ of becoming overweight and not being able to lose it quickly, if at all! Then when we do lose it, how to keep it off becomes a huge problem.

Judy asked ‘How many calories should I be eating?’ In the past that could be determined in two different ways. If you asked a health nutritionist, they would no doubt determine some facts about you- your height, weight, bone size (small, medium, large), and level of activity, then use some charts to help you determine how many is right for you– OR you could just go on-line and discover charts yourself. 

HOWEVER, more and more I’ve been seeing studies that show we should count carbs, not calories and I’ve now had three Doctors tell me that is the best way to go. Why? Because calories only count when starchy foods are eaten. If you eat a big steak with all its fat, you won’t gain an ounce, but if you eat that amount of calories in things like potatoes, rice, bread and pasta, you will indeed gain.

THE  BOTTOM LINE– To lose weight, count and lower your carbs. Many have found they benefit from getting and using Keto Sticks to determine that their body is starting to burn fat. Some people can lose by consuming 60 carbs, others must consume less. At this point you will benefit the most from my EAT HEALTHY! page.

In my next blog, we will address her next question– ‘What types of foods should I be eating?’



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