What Types Of Foods Should We Eat?

Judy has asked several questions and yesterday we addressed her question of how many calories she should eat for weight loss. Today we address her question, ‘What types of foods should I be eating?’ This is no doubt our most studied and favorite subject. Balanced MealOur motto is IF GOD MADE IT, EAT IT– IF MAN PLAYED WITH IT, DON’T. Large companies looking to make huge profits will take perfectly good food, change it, tell you they have made it better and improved it– even tell you why– thus getting people to buy their brand when those people now believe something that isn’t true but sounds right to them. We believe when God provided man with food it was good and didn’t need improving.

Therefore, you should eat a diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, grains and plenty of water.

  • Fruits- There are many and they are good for us, providing fiber as well as great nutrition. I keep my bowels in great working order by eating fruit for breakfast and salad with dinner. When counting carbs, you will need to watch and limit how much fruit you consume, since it is high in natural sugar and therefore high in carbs. The same goes for honey and dried cane juice.
  • Vegetables- There is a wide variety of wonderful and tasty veggies. Most can be eaten raw or cooked, but please don’t drown them in water and boil the nutrition out of them. They are great steamed and served with a pat of butter. Starchy vegetables are good for us too, but we need to be aware of how many carbs they contain. Starchy veggies include potatoes of all kinds, kidney and navy beans, corn and even peas. 
  • Meats- These are best if raised free range and not fed with grains and food that has been altered (GMO) and that contain antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, herbicides or any artificial ingredients whatsoever. When buying fish, don’t get the ‘farm raised’, but instead go for the wild caught. I realize that getting good quality meats, fish and eggs may be all but impossible and more expensive, but if you can you should. You may ask WHY?? Well, if the animal ate an unhealthy diet, it is in his body and when you eat him, that is what you get a bit of too. However, I’m not too concerned with where our meat comes from because we take great quality supplements- Zeolite to rid us of toxins and sun-ripened foods in our vitamins to keep us well. It works for us and I’m confident it’ll work for you.
  • Dairy- If God intended us to eat low-fat foods, He would have provided us with low-fat milk, cheese, butter, and wherever else you find it. Natural fats are high in calories, but have almost no carbs. Natural fats give food a wonderful flavor and make us feel full and satisfied before we’ve had a chance to overeat. If you’ve been told that ALL fats are off limits, then you’re listening to the wrong people. Avoid trans fats– if the food you want has been hydrogenated, don’t buy it! Purchase and eat only foods with fats that are saturated. Saturated fats = good, eat all you want. Trans fats = bad, avoid always!! This means eat real butter, not margarine, use real milk and cream, not something made from soy and when you buy cheese, get the one with the highest fat content, not something that has had its fat mostly removed. God intends us to eat well and when we do, He rewards us with good health.
  • Grains- Wheat, Corn, Oats, Barley- all grains are wonderful gifts from God, but man has abused them terribly, making it hard to find them in a state that’s good for us to eat! If you bake, get 100% whole wheat flour (and dehydrated cane juice, not granulated white sugar). When going to the grocery store, you must read labels and not buy anything with things added that you have no idea what it is, and it isn’t something you would have in your kitchen when you bake. Most processed and pre-packaged foods are not something you should be eating, because they contain things that will make you hungry, fat, give headaches- all sorts of things can happen when we eat wrong for our bodies.  If you’re not sure the bread you’re about to get is 100% whole wheat and contains no sugar or other ‘no-no’s’, go for the Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain bread. There are several kinds and all delicious. A lower carb count can be had if you like rice cakes. Again, check the label- Trader Joe’s has some that is just rice and sea salt, but others often add other things to their product, making those a bad choice for us.
  • Water- Purified water is best, whether from your own system or bottled. Unless you know what is in your tap water, you may choose to filter.

Judy also wondered if she should get a Body Bugg or Fitbit to help her succeed. There are reviews for these on-line and she can do this if she really believes it will help her, but she has to ask herself if it is a wise addition to eating well. My doctors had me quit the gym and I doubt that I’ll go back, since we have a rebounder, stationary bike and several weights that I can use to do all the exercises that have been requested of me. Exercise for our muscles is very important, because we either use ’em or lose ’em.



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My study of how to achieve and keep good health began when I was 18 and has been my lifelong passion. I have learned much over the years and when my T.O.P.S. group dissolved, I created Talk 'N Share. Life happened and I have not done anything with it until now. Since the beginning of this year I have learned many important things and wish to share with others, who like myself, may find it nearly impossible to lose those last few pounds and maintain the loss already achieved.
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