Now There’s A Magic Fork!

I looked with questioning wonder at this picture. It was puzzling to me- a little ridiculous and even a bit funny. I wondered why such a thing was on the market and what good it could possibly do, so I read the article and when I had finished, I had to ask myself– and this is going to work for WHO??

We have been busy publishing helpful articles that tell you what to eat and why, so that you can live a healthy life and lose any extra pounds you may have, all without being hungry! Still, I realize that everyone will not follow our advice and some will just roll their eyes at our research, studies, and publishings, continuing to look for that magical something that will mysteriously remove all their excess fat, thus giving them the body of their dreams.

SO– let’s take a look at this article together, which says in part “There’s now a fork on the market that will start flashing red lights at you to let you know you’re eating too much too quickly. It also yells, “Stop!” “Think what you’re doing, you dummy!” “You have to wear a bathing suit in May” and asks, “How are you going to fit into your wedding dress, Little Miss Piggy?!” Then the article continues with “Ok, so we’re kidding about the fork talking, but that might be a good idea, too.” (Surely they’re not serious- are they?)

Yes, according to medical professionals and those who study weight related subjects, when you eat slowly, you eat less. I have heard many times that it takes 15-20 minutes for your brain to tell you that you’re full, so if you’re eating especially fast, you may consume considerably more than you should in that 15 minutes- and then you could feel stuffed.

The article goes on to say “In that twenty minutes, we all know what kind of damage we can do to a diet—another helping of pasta, another glass of wine, an entire chocolate bar. All three. It was a rough day at the office, okay?”

At this point I have to ask just what kind of diet for an overweight person, allows a plate of pasta, more than one glass of wine and a good-sized bar of chocolate? Need I point out that the pasta and the chocolate bar were made of mostly unhealthy ingredients and would only make the eater more hungry in a very short time?

Yes, it’s possible to have a healthy pasta, and healthy chocolate as part of your dinner and be very satisfied and not hungry afterward, but in this case I don’t think that would be true, also, if this person was in a Restaurant, it most likely didn’t cook with things we consider healthy and that dinner would have flour, sugar, oils- probably canola since it is cheapest, and their foods would be full of additives- some even include MSG- all the things that make us fat, hungry and sometimes sick. If the person were in someone else’s home or didn’t watch ingredient labels when they were out shopping for their own kitchen, those foods would also be filled with things we really don’t want in our bodies because they make us fat, hungry and sick- even if it’s ‘just indigestion’ or ‘just a headache’.

Yes, folks, I have trouble believing that we need a special fork rather than quality food. I have trouble believing that if we eat things that make us hungry soon after we eat them and keep us from losing fat, that it is the fault of the speed in which we ate that food or meal rather than the actual foods. 

The article continues… “HAPIfork is here to help. You can personalize the fork using its corresponding app so it has all your information about how much you weigh and how much you should be eating. “Since it knows how many times you’ve lifted the fork to your mouth, it knows at what pace you are eating and approximately how much you’re eating,” according to the website Bit Rebels. “If you’re eating too fast (which means you’d be eating too many calories), it will start vibrating and flashing red lights to alert you.”…. The fork was developed by Big Brother, oops, we mean by HAPILabs, and is available for pre-order. It’s only $99 for this embarrassing tool that you may have to hide at the back of your utensil drawer. If you’re the kind of person that would whip out the HAPIfork in mixed company, we’re sorry to tell you, but you have bigger problems than eating too much…. But at least you’ll have a friend (an electronic device) in your corner to pry the ice cream out of your hands in the middle of the night. Well, actually, that might be a problem since who the heck eats ice cream with a fork? Is there a HAPIspoon on the market, too? Now what are we supposed to do?”  Thus ended the article.

So now that you’ve spent $99 for this great fork, programed it and tried it out, how do you feel? If it works for you and you love it, then by all means tell every overweight person you know about it and go shopping for smaller sizes this summer. If, on the other hand, you are having trouble with it and for any reason don’t like it- if you begin to realize it’s the food that’s most important, not the tool we eat it with or the speed we eat at, then get a plaque from the hardware store and hang that fork in your kitchen- it’ll make a great conversation piece- then go to the grocery store, check your labels and get yummy healthy foods to enjoy that will satisfy and not make you hungry. Then and only then, in our opinion, will you be able to lose that last annoying roll of fat!



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