Eight Foods You THOUGHT Were Good For You

FDHealth Basics: Eight foods you THOUGHT were good for you

                                                                              By: S. D. Wells

We are pleased to bring you this article by S. D. Wells. He has done more research than we have and is very qualified to present this information.

You thought you were doing the right thing. You’ve done some homework online, on health and natural news sites, and you’ve talked to “organic” minded people, and maybe even chatted with a few doctors, and you’ve been buying fewer processed foods, using less sugar, and even taking some supplements, but you just don’t feel so good lately, and you keep getting sick, and you can’t figure out why.

There are a few food “categories” and “products” that have been either toted as good for you or used to be good for you, but now contain chemicals, byproducts, GMOs, or other cancer and illness causing ingredients. So you didn’t know about it, don’t kick yourself. Just get on the right path fast and don’t look back. These foods might initially surprise you, and lead you to “retaliate” against this news, this insight, this expose on foods you THOUGHT were good for you, products or brands you may have trusted for years, and possibly reveal toxins you eat every day, thinking they are healing you or giving you energy, when in fact they’re doing just the opposite.

First of all, consider where it is you are gathering information from. Do you watch TV talk shows to get health information? Bad idea. Do you watch the nightly NETWORK NEWS to get updates and stories about good and bad food? Bad idea.

There are many “organic” food creators, distributors, sellers, and advocates who have sold out to the dangerous BIOTECH AND BIG PHARMA industries of America. By “sold out;” it means the company was literally sold to a huge corporation, which means that company’s food could have been altered, in more ways than one, from the first day the new ownership began.

That organic lemon juice, or that organic milk, or that BABY FOOD could quite easily be tainted with pesticide, genetically modified bacteria, or synthetic ingredients for taste and appearance. You should investigate. (http://buzz.naturalnews.com)

Eight foods you THOUGHT were good for you

GENERIC MULTI-VITAMINS: Okay, most people wouldn’t say vitamins qualify as food, but shouldn’t they? Most generic vitamins like One-A-Day, Centrum, and Equate are synthetic, dead, cooked in laboratories and contain “other ingredients” which are toxic to your body. These brands are owned by the largest corporations in America, like Pfizer and Merck, who would like to see you sick and in need of their toxic pharmaceuticals. They are selling you “vitamins” in hopes that you don’t go out and buy ORGANIC VITAMINS, which actually help you. So not only is your body incapable of using the DEAD VITAMINS, but the other ingredients are making more work for your organs, your cells and your heart. Cancer and heart disease are fueled by people who consume chemicals daily. Generic vitamins are chemicals.  (Jeannie here– On our Supplements?! page you will find the natural vitamins that we recommend. They aren’t the only good ones offered by reputable companies, but they will certainly keep you well. If you get colds and flu, you’re not getting the sun-ripened fruits and veggies your body needs. You could eat all the fruits and veggies in the produce isle and still get sick, because they were picked green and didn’t get the benefit of sun-ripening that your body’s immune system needs. If you are currently taking a vitamin supplement and get a cold or the flu, you need to change your brand!)

SOY, SOY PROTEIN, TOFU AND SOY MILK (non-organic): 90 percent of soy in America is GMO, and that means it contains deadly pesticides inside it, so you can’t just wash it off. Soy got a reputation the past few decades as a good source of protein and a substitute for meat and dairy, like with tofu and soy milk products. But did you know that “Silk” sold out? Watch out for non-organic soy, it’s polluting your body, and may cause cancer and infertility. “If you were to carefully review the thousands of studies published on soy, I strongly believe you would reach the same conclusion as I have – which is, the risks of consuming unfermented soy products FAR outweigh any possible benefits.” Soy Sauce is fermented, so do enjoy it with your Chinese food!

AGAVE: Did you make the switch from HFCS/sugar to agave? Or did you figure out artificial sweeteners cause cancer and so you tried agave, because you heard good things? Agave is just as bad, if not worse than high fructose corn syrup, here’s why: Agave not only contains about 55 percent fructose on average, but it is usually laboratory manufactured, lacking virtually all nutrient value, and if you’re diabetic, you’ve been targeted and told Agave is “diabetic friendly,” but that’s not true.

• WHOLE GRAIN CEREAL: “Gotta have those whole grains, right?” Nope. Wrong. Most whole grain causes inflammation and makes the body insulin resistant. Do grains cause leptin resistance? Leptin predicts the onset of obesity and metabolic syndrome, and it predicts insulin resistance – that’s right, leptin resistance comes before insulin resistance. Still want to praise all those whole grains? Watch out for that WHEAT BREAD too! That may be the key reason for the inflammation of your joints and your gluten intolerance. Read more: (http://www.sfecrossfit.com)

CANOLA OIL: Canola oil doesn’t grow in the field from the ‘canola’ plant. It’s not virgin olive oil, nor vegetable oil, its RAPESEED OIL, and it chokes your mitochondria cells so they can’t get oxygen, which leads to mutation of cells, which leads to cancer. Canola oil is baked and “faked” in a lab, and exported mainly from Canada to the U.S., because Canada has its own CORPORATE EVIL EMPIRE. Read more: (http://www.quantumbalancing.com/news/canola.htm)

ORGANIC MILK: So you switched over from PUS MILK (non-organic) to organic milk and thought you were “good to go?” You should look into RAW MILK instead. Why? Cooked, dead milk (homogenized and pasteurized) causes inflammation and disease in the body, even if it’s organic. Put it this way, humans are the only mammals that drink milk from another mammal, and past infancy. Try rice milk or almond milk.

LOW-SODIUM OR “HEALTHY CHOICE” SOUPS: When did you first start believing that dead food that’s cooked in a can was a “better choice” than dead food from a box or bag? Did you know canned food, full of food toxins and metals, can lead to Alzheimer’s disease, where you forget who your immediate family is and cannot even feed yourself? Low sodium soup doesn’t mean they took out all the chemicals, like harmful metals, sodium benzoate and BPA – bisphenol A. Check out the dangers here: (http://blog.healthychoicenaturals.com)

“LIGHT” AND “SUGAR FREE” SALAD DRESSINGS: Did you think you were doing your body justice by choosing products/dressings that say light or zero? They usually contain artificial sweeteners like Aspartame, Sucralose and Sorbitol, all which are synthetic and can cause cancer cells to multiply. Plus, light or “low fat” usually means taking fat out and putting more sugar in, or more fake sugar chemical sweetener. Actually, the best dressing is simply for you to drizzle some olive oil and sprinkle a bit of salt- delicious!

Look for “certified organic” when you shop. Even if your grocery bill is a little more, your health and wellness is worth it. After all, diseases cost a lot more than switching from foods you thought were good for you to foods that ACTUALLY ARE GOOD FOR YOU.

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