Kidney Stones– Drugs, Operation, or Natural Remedy?

1 A Kidney StonesIF YOU’VE EVER HAD, or now have kidney stones, you know the pain they bring and the frustration of not knowing the best way to get rid of them and keep them from coming back. When seeing my Naturopath recently, I decided to ask him about this because someone I know had them and I’d like to help. My Doctor confirmed what I already believed. If you eat a truly healthy diet, most likely you will not get them.

HOWEVER– There are some who get oxalate kidney stones from certain foods- usually too much vitamin C. They could just eat a healthy, juicy, yummy orange and get these painful stones. THE GOOD NEWS IS– They need vitamin B6, and that should correct this and prevent their return. The doctor says ALWAYS get your vitamins from a trusted natural health store, otherwise they are probably ‘dead’ and won’t help or correct anything.

Of course, the best way to get rid of kidney stones is to go for natural remedies. Here are some we found online that may be of interest to you.

Lemon juice, raw apple cider vinegar plus olive oil

This is one of the natural home remedies that is not only easily available in your home, but quite efficient when it comes to curing kidney stones naturally. Symptoms such as abdominal pain can be managed by blending olive oil with lemon juice extract. After drinking the mixture, ensure that you have drunk at least 12 ounces of water. Wait for at least 30 minutes before blending 0.5 ounces of lemon juice in 12 ounces of water. Add one tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar before drinking. Repeat this cycle every one hour until the pain has subsided.

Dandelion Root

The dandelion root has been used for years to treat and manage the symptoms associated with kidney stones. In addition to relieving the pain triggered by kidney stones, organic dandelion root functions in cleansing the urinary tract. For effective results, it is highly recommended that you take at least 500 milligrams of organic dandelion root two times in a day.

Kidney Beans

One of the foods that doctors and other nutritionist recommend for healthy kidneys are kidney beans. Remove the beans from the pods and then boil the beans in purified water for at least 6 hours. Take a cheese cloth and strain the liquid. Give the liquid a couple of hours to cool down before taking it. To ease the pain, it is highly suggested that you drink the liquid throughout the day. 


Diuretic horsetails are easily accessible in the market and can be used in making horsetail tea. By drinking up to 4 cups of horsetail tea in a day, which is an equivalent of two grams of the thyme pill per day will enable you to eradicate the signs and symptoms triggered by kidney stones. 

Pomegranate Juice

There is no doubt that pomegranate plant offers immense health benefits. However, more particularly, the juice as well as the seeds of the pomegranate plant can be regarded as a pure natural remedy for kidney stones. Doctors and scientists have attributed this to the acerbic and caustic traits of the plant. For best results, it is highly recommended that you eat organic pomegranate plant or opt to drink freshly extracted pomegranate juice.


Numerous studies have revealed that persons who constantly suffer from recurring kidney stones are less likely to suffer from persistent kidney stones if they took magnesium. For best results, it is highly recommended that you take at least 300 milligrams of magnesium on a daily basis. By doing so, you will be able to deter instances of kidney stones and greatly minimize the signs and symptoms associated with kidney stones. 

Organic Celery

Consuming either the vegetable or celery seeds will enable you to deter the creation of kidney stones and reduce the signs and symptoms linked with kidney stones. 


Doctors and scientists have been able to prove that taking basil tea can greatly enhance the general well-being of your kidneys. 

Dietary change- So important!

Consuming unhealthy foods can lead to the formation of kidney stones. Therefore, you need to eliminate energy drinks as well as sodas. Moreover, you need to steer clear of processed foods and avoid foods that have high levels of oxalate such as rhubarb, beets, spinach, Swiss chard, wheat germ, okra, peanuts, and sweets that contain sugar. When you sweeten, you should use raw cane, honey, yacon or stevia (we highly recommend NuStevia because it isn’t bitter and a very small amount goes a long way). 


Make sure you are drinking sufficient water every day to keep your body and kidneys hydrated especially during summer to prevent the increased chances of an imbalance in your kidneys. When buying water, be careful to check the container it is sold in. We recently bought a couple cases of a very nice Spring Water, but it was packaged in paper thin plastic bottles that could not be opened without the water coming out. Since we don’t like wet clothes, desk and chair– not to mention the fact we found it to be wasteful– we will not buy that brand again. 


In comparison to other types of vegetables, watermelon is packed with potassium salts. Moreover, it is made up of high water content that helps with hydration. For years, doctors and nutritionists have recommended watermelon as it is regarded as a wonderful diuretic and as such can also be used as natural remedy for kidney stones. 


Grapes have long been regarded as the best home therapy for kidney stones. Grapes are of unique diuretic importance because of their excessive water substances as well as potassium salt. As a result of its minute sodium chloride plus albumin matter, grapes are of great importance when it comes to eliminating kidney issues. 

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 also commonly referred to as pyridoxine has been found to have exceptional curative success when it comes to curing kidney stones. If you would like to attain lasting results, it is highly recommended that you consume a steady healing dosage of between 100mg and 150 milligram of vitamin B6 alongside other B complex vitamins. Make sure your vitamins are not the dead useless ones found at your local grocery, but purchased from a trusted natural health store.

Jeannie here– Having shared these tips with you, please remember that the very best health is achieved by eating an organic, GMO free, chemical-free, raw fruit and vegetable diet. When cooking veggies, try steaming them and avoid the microwave. Bake instead of fry most of the time– in recipes that call for flour, sugar and oil, substitute a healthy alternative for these ingredients and you will find great and tasty suggestions in our EAT HEALTHY! page.



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