WHICH ONE- NutriSystem Or Jenny Craig?

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Jenny Craig…….OR…….NutriSystem?

Which one will suit your needs best?

We recently heard a TV ad for one of these companies claiming they used NO BUTTER- only healthy ingredients– and believe me, THAT got my attention!

I went to each of these web sites to see what I could learn and also called someone I know who has used one of them. It was very educational!!

The person who had used one quite some time back had gotten her weight down and looked wonderful! She loved it because it was so easy to do- someone prepared all the yummy things she would eat and she only needed to go shopping for fruits and veggies. Yet, when she left the system, she began to gain. She found it hard to follow everything they told her to do, plus it was expensive, but now she has gone back on it. We wondered why she couldn’t keep her weight down as she phased out of their system, so we went to each site to take a look at the ingredients they put into their ‘healthy’ foods.


Both companies prepare foods using sugar, dextrose, sucralose, fructose, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup,  bleached flour, canola, soybean oil, corn oil, margarine, soy protein, and preservatives, which is not a complete list, but we just couldn’t make ourselves check to see what other unhealthy things might be lurking in those foods.

No wonder this lady had trouble once she lost her excess weight- these ingredients will make anyone more hungry and not satisfy. Had she known about and followed our health blog, she would have been eating differently, not been hungry, and kept the extra weight off without any problem. We hope she sees this, makes a few changes and enjoys great health in a beautiful body!

One of the points this lady made, was that she was very busy and could not spend a lot of time making meals. She needed the ‘instant’ meals that the company made for her. She was able to have them ready to eat in 15 minutes or less. Yes, we wish these companies provided healthy meals and we know they could if they chose to, but we don’t think it would take too long to do it yourself. For example, we found a cereal in one of these companies that had ingredients we won’t consume, but in our pantry we have a yummy rice cereal and it is so good that we usually don’t add our sweetener to it. I will do a bit of research and then put out a blog you can use as a guide in helping you to make your own meals quickly. I think because so many people need gluten-free foods and the fact my Naturopath said that actually no wheat product is good for us, I will make my guide to be a gluten-free one, but certainly if you insist, you may use any whole wheat unbleached flour product you choose. I understand these companies have a grab-n-go snack bar, but since they are not at all a good healthy choice (yes I read the ingredients), I will give you some suggestions to work with that I’ve found to be very satisfying.


PS- We’ve now completed the Healthy Eating blog we believe you should follow- click here.

I have now made my EAT HEALTHY! page the backbone of this health site, so I update it from time to time and it reflects not only the way I choose my food, but is something everyone can follow with success no matter how different from me they eat- so EXCITING!!


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