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good, bad chlorestolJust a few months ago, 2 good friends of mine called me with quite the concern:

“Isabel. Our daughter has just been diagnosed with high cholesterol. She’s only 10. We stay away from whole eggs and she doesn’t eat much red meat. How is that possible? “

Wow, 10 and high cholesterol already. That’s pretty scary. Remember when the term “high cholesterol” was only used to describe your grandma and other old folk? (No offense granny). Well not anymore. Kids are being diagnosed with all sorts of things we once only considered “adult” conditions including high cholesterol, high triglycerides and diabetes.

So, first things first. How does anyone get high cholesterol? And how was I going to explain this to a 10 year old? Follow my little analogy….

Imagine we lived in a high crime city where criminals could be found on every street corner. In order to resolve the problem, the mayor decides to put a police officer on every street corner. Now, imagine that your friend comes to visit your city and says “Oh, I know why there is so much crime here. It is because there are police officers on each corner.” Silly right? The reason why the officers were put there was because of the criminals, not the other way around!

Well, here is the mass cholesterol confusion.

The criminals are sugar and processed foods. The police officers are cholesterol.

If you eliminate the officers (cholesterol), the criminals (sugar and processed foods) continue to create damage, in this case, they are damaging your arteries. Cholesterol (police officer) is only there to help. It is coming to the rescue. So isn’t it silly that people who need cholesterol to save them from more harm to their arteries are being put on cholesterol lowering drugs?

I know this is a lot to take in. So read the little story again if it still does not seem clear. The truth is, you need to wipe out the criminals, not reduce the police officers!

So now the question is, how can you keep the criminals at bay?

Stop eating an excessive amount of sugar and processed foods and adopt a healthy eating regimen that includes natural foods.

1. Include organic eggs, natural meat and poultry, veggies, fruits, raw nuts, coconut oil and olive oil into your daily eating regimen. Natural, natural, natural is the name of the game.

2. Reduce sugar drinks and drink water, water, water. Amazing things will happen once your body is hydrated (including regulating cholesterol).

3. Move it or lose it. Or in this case, move it to lose it. Exercise is one of the best ways to regulate your cholesterol levels. Even if it didn’t affect your cholesterol, would there be anything to lose by trying? Oh yeah, FAT, I forgot.

Commit today to taking one step towards taking control of your cholesterol, your weight or your health and finally shoot down the criminals once and for all!

In health and happiness,                                                                                                          

Isabel De Los Rios                                                                                                                         Certified Nutritionist                                                                                                                     Certified Exercise Specialist

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