Assorted Alcopop DrinksDebates have been ongoing on whether or not pop hurts our diets or bodies, and if you Googlewater vs sodas’, you will find a wide variety of information. People know sugar hurts us in many ways and it doesn’t matter whether it is in pop or water- sugar hurts not only our diets, but our bodies. So what about carbonated diet drinks? The ones with no sugar? Some of them have artificial sweeteners (Aspartame being the worst), so should not be consumed and many have salt, making them a bad choice, since sodium attracts and holds water, which increases blood volume and makes the heart work harder- this often results in increased pressure in the arteries resulting in high blood pressure and increases the risks of stroke, heart attacks and kidney disease. Pure carbonated water does not contain any salt, although some manufacturers of soda water add table salt for flavor and texture, pure carbonated water has few health risks, but most commercial soda water contains some salt and acid derived from sodium, potassium and phosphorus, which can pose health risks in large quantities. The bottom line is simply- fresh, crisp, pure, filtered water is best, but if you really want flavor in your water, I suggest making your own by adding flavoring– perhaps your favorite tea with stevia, and consider- especially for summer- squeezing lemons and adding stevia for a refreshing lemonade. If you really want to buy your flavored water, I suggest Fruit2O or propel zero. Be careful when choosing a flavored water because some will say they have no calories, carbs, etc., but reading the list of ingredients will sometimes show undesirable additions. Reading the label is a must if you want to protect your diet and keep healthy.

A great article- Health Risks of Carbonated Water can be found here.  http://www.livestrong.com/article/313171-health-risks-of-carbonated-water/#ixzz1yfaRssAA


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