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Because they are natural- the way God intended us to eat. I have a motto- If God made it, I will eat it, but if man made it, I’ll have to think about it and then most likely I won’t.

Caleb Lee, Author of the “SUPERDIET”, has 5 ‘Super Foods’ he encourages us to eat and tells us why… I will share them with you here.

1. Broccoli

Broccoli is the tops when it comes to providing a bevy of nutrients.  Broccoli has been shown to reduce cancerous tumor production.  It contains antioxidants called polyphenols which help reduce heart disease, cancer and boosts immunity.  Broccoli is also part of what’s known as the cruciferous veggie family — it’ll help clear excess estrogen out of your body (A problem facing virtually every person in the modern, industrialized world).

2. Salmon

This is not just any salmon but wild caught salmon.  Grain fed salmon is hot these days because it is supposed to be healthier, but wild salmon contains more of the nutrients that your body needs.  Salmon is a fatty cold water fish but it’s all good fats.  Omega-3 fatty acids are fats that you want more of in your diet.  They are known to lower cholesterol and the risk of heart disease … fight inflammation … and have many other healthy benefits!

3. Blueberries

This super food has been mentioned on many lists.  Blueberries are so popular because they’re readily available and packed with antioxidants.  Antioxidants are substances in the body that fight the damage of free radicals.  They help prevent certain cancers, reduce the signs of aging, boost immunity and improve overall health.  Blueberries contain an antioxidant substance called anthocyanin which gives them their deep color.  You can get a healthy dose of fiber and vitamin C from blueberries.  Plus, you can add them to virtually anything!

4. Yogurt

You may or may not like the taste, but yogurt contains live cultures that help to regulate the digestive system.  As you know, many diseases and ailments arise from the digestive tract getting out of balance.  Yogurt contains useful good bacteria.  These bacteria are probiotic substances because they provide nutrition for intestinal bacteria so that more are produced to protect the digestive system. You definitely want to eat yogurt after you’ve been on antibiotics or any other medicine that kills ALL the bacteria in your stomach because it’ll help the “good guys” come back.

5. Avocado

Research shows avocados rank highest in the following phytochemicals and nutrients among the 20 most frequently consumed fruits (yes, crazily enough, avocados are fruits!):

  • Lutein protects against prostate cancer and eye disease such as cataracts and macular degeneration.
  • Vitamin E a powerful antioxidant known to slow the aging process and protect against heart disease and various forms of cancer.
  • Glutathione functions as an antioxidant like vitamin E to neutralize free radicals that can cause cell damage and lead to disease.
  • Beta-sitosterol lowers blood cholesterol levels. Avocados contain four times as much beta-sitosterol as oranges, previously reported as the highest fruit source of this phytochemical.
  • Monounsaturated fats heart-healthy fats proven to help lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and boost HDL (good) cholesterol.
  • Folate promotes healthy cell and tissue development. Folate is especially important for woman of childbearing age as it helps protect against birth defects.
  • Potassiumhelps balance the body’s electrolytes. Avocados contain 60 percent more potassium than bananas.
  • Magnesiumhelps produce energy and is important for muscle contraction and relaxation.
  • Fiber lowers cholesterol, good for digestion, blood sugar levels, etc

And best of all? Avocados taste GREAT!

“A Superfood Per Day …”

This isn’t a complete list of superfoods (obviously), but these are some of the more common ones … and … you should try to get a “superfood per day” into your meals.

By eating a natural and healthful diet, you will avoid excess fat and the  diseases caused by it, feel wonderful and have a very healthy body. Will you be eating healthy foods today?


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