NEVER Eat This Cereal

cereal,bad kidsJoel & Josh – BioTrust Nutrition, has sent us an interesting email that we wish to share with you here.

Cereal is, by and large, one of the worst foods for your waistline, and your health. There are of course a few rare exceptions (like some of the cereals in the Ezekiel 4:9® line from the good folks at Food for Life®) but when it comes to the “regular” boxes that stock the shelves of the cereal aisle at your local grocery store, it’s generally all very, very bad news.

Perhaps what is most disturbing about so many brands of cereal is that they confuse the heck out of consumers by making them “sound” so healthy and nutritious, when in reality they are anything but.

For example, while at the grocery store today I came across a Berry & Yogurt Crunch cereal (with added fiber!) from a popular brand.

cereal,badIt sure sounds healthy…

In fact, the label even makes claims like “heart healthy!” and points out that it contains “25 grams of whole grains”. “Rich in antioxidants, vitamin C & E”, too. Just add up all those health benefits!

But here’s the truth: 

This so-called “healthy” cereal contains FIFTY ONE ingredients, including not one, not two, not six, not seven, but TEN different sources of SUGAR.

It also contains SEVEN corn derived ingredients (very likely from genetically modified corn), including corn syrup and corn starch.

It’s also loaded with inflammatory wheat ingredients and gluten, not to mention two of the worst damaged, denatured oils you can consume…canola oil and soybean oil.

Healthy? I don’t think so!

Unfortunately, just about everything else in the cereal aisle is in the same boat as this disastrously unhealthy 51-ingredient nightmare.

Instead, try our alternative “Yogurt Berry Crunch” that only contains three 100% all-natural ingredients:

-Greek Yogurt
-Rolled Oats
-Fresh Berries

Combine and enjoy!

Simply put, you MUST eliminate these disastrous boxed foods from your home and start consuming whole, natural, REAL foods if your goal is to get a flat belly fast.

Better yet, just follow the drop dead simple meal plan that we lay out for you at the link below. It’s so simple…after all, we tell you EXACTLY what to eat, meal by meal right here:

JEANNIE HERE… Josh and Joel are Nutritionists we know and trust. They are right on with this information and the meal plan they lay out in this video will work very well if you’d like to do it along with our EAT HEALTHY! plan. 

EXACTLY what to eat for rapid fatloss (meal by meal)

To your success and your good health!


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