Do You Have Carbohydrate Intolerance?

Once more we welcome Coach Josh to share some truth about foods with you. Certainly you may wish to add these wonderful materials to your library, but you may also get what you need for FREE here on TALK ‘N SHARE, if you’d rather. If you’re struggling to lose, then please watch this video and do take notes. Then decide if you wish to purchase his program or if you’d rather follow the plan we lay out for you on our EAT HEALTHY! page. The choice is always yours.

OK–  Coach Josh…

Please perform this experiment to determine if you’ve accidentally triggered your body’s “obesity response” by eating the wrong foods:

1) Pull up your shirt just a tiny bit…

2) Place your fingers to the right or left of your belly button…

3) Pinch as much fat as you can…

If you can pinch an inch or more, that indicates that you may be accidentally eating foods that trigger your body’s “obesity response”.

And once this response is triggered, layer upon layer of ugly, dangerous fat will pile on and no matter how much you exercise or how little you eat will change that.

But you CAN prevent this “obesity response” and instead trigger your “lean body response” – to get a firm belly, slim waist and toned arms – by eating these 5 delicious foods daily:

==> How to Trigger Your “Lean Body Response“…


Coach Josh

P.S. Did you know, most of the foods you eat, literally INFLATE your fat cells… causing your belly to get pudgier, your arms to get flabbier… and cellulite to mushroom around your thighs?

But when you eat certain OTHER foods… like the 5 foods you’ll find here… those same fat cells SHRINK and quickly deflate?

==> 5 Foods that Shrink Ugly Belly Fat


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