slimquick_pure_extraWhen a woman recently told me she had used SLIMQUICK and liked it- planned to use it again in the future- I decided to do my own personal study on it to see if I can recommend it to my readers. When I went to their website, I discovered I could not see the ingredients without signing up for their 25 pound challenge, so I did. I GOT A BIG SURPRISE!! They offer 5 different choices, but only two are anything I would ever consider and those weren’t actually good, but I determined to follow through with my study and see what would happen. The ones they offered were:  

  1. Drink Mix– the ingredients include aspartame & sucralose, both a very big no-no. 
  2. Gummies– the ingredients include corn syrup & sugar, two big no-no’s.
  3. Caffeine Free– this one contains soy extract, not an ingredient we want.
  4. Regular strength– has some ‘ose’ things, but not sucralose which we think may be the worst of the offenders.
  5.  Extra strength– also has some ‘ose’ ingredients (not sucralose), but we don’t feel the need for the extra vitamins, so we chose this one for our study.

NEXT we checked the recommended diet. Not something we will use or recommend. They use low-fat dairy products, lots of egg whites, leaving out the healthy yolks, and a number of wheat products. INSTEAD, we will use our healthy eating plan and count carbs, staying at 60 or less per day as much as possible.

I started this product last Friday and have lost 3.5 pounds in 4 days. Is it because SLIMQUICK Pure Extra Strength really does help to increase metabolism (mine has been very S-L-O-W since my hysterectomy a great many years ago), reduce appetite, boost energy, reduce stress, reduce excess water, support hormones and reduce stress as they claim? OR– Could it be simply because I’m eating right and have reduced my carbs? Actually, I don’t think it matters which one is the reason- perhaps it is a combination of the two. What matters is that I’m beginning to lose that last 20 pounds that has been bugging me for so long, now.

It has now been 1 week since I started this experiment, and I can report that it does take away hunger. I also like it better than Garcinia Cambogia, because I don’t have to take it 30 minutes before eating 3 times a day. We only take it twice a day when eating, six hours apart, so I take it with breakfast, then a snack six hours later. For these reasons, I do like it better than the other one. Perhaps I should mention here, that I’m now down 5 pounds. That means that according to a doctor and my husband, I’ve only got another 15 pounds to lose, but personally I believe I’ve got more. We’ll see how it all comes down- I’ll let my body tell me as I lose and I’ll know I’ve reached my goal when the rolls of fat have all disappeared from my tummy.


Noticing that the bottle of pills was approaching near empty, I checked it out- sure enough, there was only enough for 10 days, not the 20 I thought. THE REASON? This company, like many others, is playing with the facts and numbers to mislead those of us who aren’t paying close attention. It worked. The DIRECTIONS FOR SLIMQUICK on the side said- in large enough print to be easily read- to take the first serving of three in the morning with breakfast and the second serving of three 6 hours later with a meal or snack. HOWEVER, on the other side in much smaller print, it states that a serving size is 3 and there are 20 servings per container. COMPARE this to Garcinia Cambogia, which states that a serving size is 3 capsules and you should take 1 capsule three times a day, and there are 30 servings in a container (there are 90 capsules in each bottle). This makes SLIMQUICK a very expensive product indeed. LET’S SEE IF I CAN STRETCH IT… I will now begin to take 2 in the morning with breakfast and one 6 hours later with a snack… Isn’t life fun? lol!!

Ok- I’m busy with life right now- the Sea-Hawks this past weekend, my 30th Anniversary today, meaning a ‘no-no’ dinner at a nice restaurant tonight- I think I will take the rest of these (I did get a 2nd bottle), by having just three each day with a late breakfast. I wouldn’t bother, but I’m wondering if the green tea is actually helping my metabolism- I’ve heard it does… to be continued…


With this past, crazy week behind us, during which I ate things that were ‘no-nos’ as well as too many carbs, I really didn’t want to step on the scale this morning, but when I did, I got an ok surprise- this past week only cost me 2 pounds, so I’m still less than when I started. Now I’m excited to see how this week unfolds– I’ll lose that last 20, yet!

TIME TO AGAIN WEIGH IN… Since I hadn’t counted every carb this past week, I crossed my fingers as I stepped on the scale and was disappointed to see I’d only lost a half pound. Then I realized that is the same as 2 cubes of butter– right off my tummy! I’ll take it, thank you- and even though the Hawks play Sunday for the BIG TROPHY, I’ll try not to stray far from my carb count! GO SEAHAWKS, GO!!

FRIDAY AGAIN! This past week of cheering (and eating) the SEAHAWKS to victory took it’s toll, but only cost me a pound, so I’m still less than when I started this experiment. With this excitement behind, I will press forward with counting my carbs. My hubby doesn’t have carbohydrate intolerance, but I do, so we sometimes eat differently, but whatever works! This product contains a lot of Green Tea and my Naturopath once told me he drinks it every day for health. I don’t care for its taste, but will check it out and let you know what I find.

FRIDAY- VALENTINE’S DAY! This past week I took my last ‘serving’ of SLIMQUICK. I’m not impressed. The fact remains that it is quite expensive and made up mostly of green tea, so I called my Naturopath to ask questions. I’m told that Green Tea does increase metabolism and is good in other ways as well- a good thing to include in our daily diet. I may get some in capsules rather than trying to drink it, but will probably begin to include it in my diet.

I’ve started checking out companies that sell green tea in capsules and have been shocked by the very low cost compared to SLIMQUICK. I will not suggest people purchase a SLIMQUICK product, but instead shop around for something that is totally healthy and truly WILL help. I’VE DONE IT! I am now using green tea capsules (60%  catechins) and IC-5. It is working very well for me, however I want to have Ceylon rather than cassia cinnamon, so instead of IC-5, I got some Ceylon and am mixing my own!  LATER YET… We have discovered Yacon syrup actually works and has more going for it than weight loss. Also Braggs vinegar has been suggested because of its helpfulness in our good health. BEST IDEA YET– take 2 green tea capsules, then into an 8-12 oz. cup, mix 2 Tablespoons Braggs vinegar, 2 teaspoons of Yacon syrup and 1/2 teaspoon Ceylon cinnamon add filtered water, mix and drink. You won’t go wrong with this!



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