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We trust Josh and Joel and love most of their products, therefore we encourage you to view this informative video–  FIXYOURBLOODSUGAR.COM!

YES- this video is very good and the IC-5 product is great- with one exception- they use cassia, not Ceylon cinnamon. To find out why that matters, please read– you may want to get IC-5, but you will do even better, if you get some Ceylon cinnamon and take 1/2 tsp. in a drink twice a day. After doing a study on this, I believe the best drink for your success, is 2 Tbl. Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, a squirt of raw honey, 1/2 tsp. Ceylon cinnamon and a packet of stevia, all mixed well into 8 oz. of filtered water. More stevia may be added if you don’t care for the vinegar taste. If you want to have the green tea with this, you can mix the ingredients into a cup of that instead of plain water, or you may take the green tea capsules with it. As long as you are getting the Ceylon cinnamon, that seems to be the most important part of achieving your success.

Have you ever wondered why you feel sluggish and sleepy after eating a big plate of food like pasta? Believe it or not, eating food that is rich in carbohydrates has a huge impact on your sugar levels causing them to spike and fall. Over time these highs and lows may cause havoc in your body’s ability to process foods that are high in carbohydrates. Although carbohydrates can be good for the body because they provide you with energy, eating too much of them will lead to weight gain. In addition, eating food that is rich in carbohydrates can leave you feeling hungry because those foods get digested very quickly by your body.

When Your Blood Sugar Spikes

Eating simple carbohydrates, like the ones found in potatoes, bread, rice, cookies, pasta, will spike your blood sugar. Eventually your blood sugar will crash causing you to feel sleepy and your metabolism will slow down.  The irregularity in sugar levels is the reason why some people find it hard to lose weight, while others seem to maintain their weight with little effort. Having steady blood sugar levels reduces the urge to eat more junk food, (as does following the EAT HEALTHY! page here in our blog). When your body is balanced it will work more efficiently at converting food into energy instead of storing it as fat. In order to regain this balance you need to fix your blood sugar.

Understanding Carbohydrates

If you loving eating food that is rich in carbohydrates you need to understand how carbohydrates affect your blood sugar level. Many people do not realize how their metabolism and ability to burn more fat is related to the balance of their blood sugar levels. When you eat carbohydrate rich food, your body will attempt to stabilize the sugar levels by releasing insulin to manage the production of glucose in the bloodstream which is needed in order to provide the cells with energy. But when the body does not respond effectively to the insulin, there will be too much glucose in the bloodstream. Consequently when there is too much glucose, the body will experience a spike in blood sugar. Extra glucose that is not used as energy will be stored in your body. Blood sugar issues have been linked to weight gain, heart problems, anemia, fainting, stroke, and even type 2 diabetes, (which is why it is so important to follow our EAT HEALTHY! page).

Why Carbohydrates Are EssentialFD 4 mboule-1024x695

The body needs carbohydrates for energy so it is not practical to cut out all the carbs from your diet, (just those that contain chemicals).  (This bread is a very healthy choice made available to us from Kelley Herring, Editor of the Healing Gourmet).  The pancreas supplies insulin to convert the food you eat to energy and any calories that are not converted into energy will be stored as fat in your body. IC-5 (preferably the above mentioned Ceylon cinnamon drink) contains all the ingredients your body needs to maintain your blood sugar levels in a normal range. Insulin is a hormone produced by the body to convert the food you eat to energy or glucose. If you overeat every time you eat, you end up gaining weight. The right amount of insulin and your body works fine and will maintain your normal weight. Too much insulin and you can be dealing with many different health issues from developing diabetes to major heart problems.

Glucose in the bloodAre You Eating The Right Food?

Start by eating healthier food which will help you maintain a constant level of glucose or blood sugar. When you eat processed food, too many carbohydrates, or have too much stored fat, you are most likely suffering from insulin resistance. This happens when insulin can no longer efficiently remove glucose from the blood stream or in a worse case scenario you may have type two diabetes. (We recommend you follow the EAT HEALTHY! plan, which will lower your weight while eating the right foods. I believe the best supplement drink for your success is 2 Tbl. Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, a squirt of raw honey, 1/2 tsp. Ceylon cinnamon and a packet of stevia, all mixed well into 8 oz. of filtered water. More stevia may be added if you don’t care for the vinegar taste- and we suggest you take green tea capsules with this as well).

What is IC-5 and how does it help your blood sugar level?

High blood sugar leads to fat

IC-5 (or the Ceylon cinnamon drink) is a nutritional supplement that can help you  normalize your blood sugar levels so that you can eat carbohydrates without causing your sugar levels to spike. After eating a big meal high in carbohydrates, your bloodstream may have an excessive amount of glucose causing your sugar levels to fluctuate from the normal range. When your sugar levels are high your body will produce more insulin which leads to an increase in cortisol. The purpose of cortisol is to basically help the body use the glucose in the bloodstream as energy.

How does IC-5 (or the Ceylon Cinnamon drink) work?

This supplement will help control your sugar levels so that you can eat healthy carbohydrates without fearing that your body will convert those carbohydrates into excess fat. Research has found that when you eat carbohydrates your body can choose to store those calories as fat or it can choose to use the calories from the carbohydrates as energy.

Carbs affect blood sugar

Maintaining healthy sugar levels is about watching the carbohydrates that you consume each day. (Consuming chemical-free ones is super important). If you are eating a healthy, chemical-free low carb diet, that can be a bit tricky because you need to watch the ingredients as well as the carb count. IC-5 is a supplement designed by a sport’s nutritionist to help you lower your blood sugar. Keeping your blood sugar level is paramount to a healthy body. Your blood sugar will rise if you eat too much high carb food at one sitting. The more overweight you are the higher your blood sugar levels can be and the more chances you have of developing diabetes and other health complications.

Eating too many carbohydrates tends to over stress your pancreas as it tries to supply your body with insulin to convert the carbohydrates you ate into energy, which is glucose in your bloodstream.  Too much glucose and your body goes into glucose intolerance. That’s where you fall asleep after a big meal. Your body can’t take that much insulin so it sends you to sleep or rest so that the body can work harder to process the food.  After you wake up from your little nap, your body has processed the food and determined how much will be used as energy and stores the rest in the fat cells. If you eat again before the fat in the fat cells is used, you gain weight. Using IC-5 (or the above mentioned drink) 15 minutes before you eat, forces your body to use the right amount of insulin to convert the food you eat to energy. The rest is flushed out of the body.

What ingredients are in IC-5?

IC-5 ingredients

The ingredients of IC-5 are all natural and are used by the body to regulate the blood sugar or glucose level in your body. It will lower the amount of fat that is stored in the fat cells by using it as energy. Plus, it will keep your blood sugar or glucose level balanced, so you don’t suffer with high and low energy level during the day. Using IC-5 (or the special drink we suggest) helps you lose weight, control your appetite, and balance out your glucose level. YES! We’ve proven this to be true by taking it ourselves! So– we suggest you do what we do- twice a day- morning and afternoon, instead of the IC-5, take 2 green tea capsules (make sure you’re getting 60% catechins). Then mix up this special drink! In an 8-oz. cup or mug, mix together well- 2 Tbl. Braggs vinegar, 1/2 tsp Ceylon cinnamon, a squirt of raw honey, and a packet of Stevia (we recommend NuNaturals or SweetLeaf for taste and small amount needed- if you think the vinegar taste is too much, use 2 packets of stevia). Add in 8-oz of filtered water and drink! You will be amazed at your lack of hunger and the fact your extra weight is going away- all without any special diet, as long of course as you don’t consume any foods containing chemicals. This has become VERY IMPORTANT. Years ago we didn’t have this concern, but in today’s world it has become a very large concern since so many well known companies have been putting more and more chemicals into their pre-packaged and processed foods, telling us it has now been improved! The only thing it improves is their financial bottom line. Unfortunately, it does nothing but harm to our bodies.

In order to lose weight using IC-5, follow the directions that come with your supply of this supplement that may help give you the body you always wanted. Order your supply of IC-5 today.

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