Do Some Doctors REALLY Destroy Good Health?

284428_450368511685267_2104701377_nWe now live...Do we actually live in the nation described on this sign, or is it just a negative point of view put out by some unhappy pessimist?

From the beginning of time, Good and Evil has existed and people have always been free to choose the path they will take in life.

For this reason, there are both good and bad people in every segment of our society. Some banks are run by good honest people and are fair to their customers. Other banks are out to get all the money they can and don’t mind hurting their customers. Perhaps you know some. Some religions honor God and the Bible, while others use different gods and books, thus some religions teach what most consider great morals and others don’t. Some journalists are good honest people who seek out the truth to share, while others are out to please special leaders of their choice and really don’t care what the truth is, often either ignoring or destroying information they have access to.  Governments destroy freedoms by making unfair rules for the people and turning the leaders into dictators. Even here in the USA, many of our freedoms have been altered and many are in danger from our power-hungry leaders who have stopped wanting to serve the people and prefer only to serve each other. We have schools that are told to teach certain things and not teach other things. Some classroom books have been altered or eliminated, which of course destroys knowledge. How many of you know a lawyer who has used his knowledge and power to get a wrong ruling for his client? Is that the justice we expect from those who are sworn to uphold it? Having said all that, let us now consider the subject of Doctors. There are many good, talented and honest Doctors in our society who do the best they can for all their patients, but no doubt some of you know of a Doctor who used his knowledge and talent in an area where he shouldn’t have. I sometimes find myself questioning the ethics of a Doctor I had many years ago when I went into the hospital for a hysterectomy. After the operation, my Doctor told me that he went ahead and removed my appendix while he was in there so I wouldn’t need to go back for that operation– REALLY?!  Had he asked me ahead of this surgery, I would have kept my appendix. Surely God created us with this small organ for some useful purpose, don’t you think?

I come from a sick family and didn’t like my slim chances of being healthy, so when I left home at 18, the first thing I did was see a Doctor (he was quite overweight) who put me on some diet pills to accompany the diet he gave me, and then I joined a gym. It wasn’t until much later that I wondered why any doctor would be overweight, after all, don’t they study health- which includes everything they need to know about nutrition? UNFORTUNATELY the answer is no, they don’t.  Over time I learned a great deal– what works, what doesn’t, and why. I also learned that Doctors, for the most part, cannot know more than they have been taught, unless they somehow stumble over things that make them think, wonder, search, experiment, and ultimately discover new things. One day a friend recommended I get my health care from a Naturopath and when I learned these Doctors often recommend fasting as part of a healthy diet and way to heal the body, I got a stack of books and began my own study– fascinating! Now I have both a medical and a Naturopath. 

It was in the early ’90’s that I learned sun-ripened fruits and vegetables keep us healthy and that there is truth in the saying ‘An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away’. God has given us all we need to care for ourselves and be healthy. He did not make a garden to eat from that didn’t work for the wonderful humans He created. It was, in fact, a perfect garden. So, you ask- what happened? Why do people who eat a very healthy diet now, continue to get sick? They get colds, flu, cancer– all sorts of disease– if God made such a perfect garden of healthy foods, why aren’t they working for us? The answer is simple– the foods you get at the grocery stores are not sun-ripened. They are picked green so they don’t spoil on their way to market. God puts the health benefit into these fruits and vegetables during the sun-ripening process, not after they have been picked. For that reason, some companies are putting sun-ripened fruits and veggies into their vitamins, so that people will get everything their bodies need every day, even while eating things that were picked green. My husband and I have taken these vitamins every day for years and we never get colds, or flu, nor do I expect to ever get cancer. There are a number of companies that say they offer these important supplements, so if you are taking the vitamins from one and get sick, change companies. If you want to know what we take, go to my Supplements?! page and make the phone call using the number there. You will get a better price than you will get from them on their web-site, and excellent service.

Then there are other companies that prey upon the lack of knowledge people have, as well as the greed for money some doctors have. They expect you to be sick and so they create many drugs to make you well, or so they say, but they overlook the fact they are treating your symptoms, not the cause of your problem. Illness has become big business and there are many who take advantage of it. Please don’t misunderstand me, I am in no way saying we don’t need doctors and drugs. We do. God has given great understanding and talent to doctors who study medicine and drugs. I needed a surgeon and drugs when I broke my hip and when I had a knee replacement. We will always need hospitals, doctors, nurses and physical therapists for a variety of reasons. I was very pleased when a doctor told me that I was very healthy for a woman my age and that if everyone took the supplements I do, there would be almost no one in hospitals and cancer would be very rare indeed.

So do some Doctors destroy health? Yes, but even though a few do it on purpose, I believe most do it because they have never learned all there is to know about their profession. I believe there are actually some who haven’t learned enough about nutrition to know sun-ripened foods is the answer to good health and a strong immune system. Then there is the Cancer Industry. Surely there are some in it who know it isn’t necessary for us to get cancer, and that it is only the symptom of a problem, therefore no cure will be found. Cancer will be wiped out when people are fed sun-ripened fruits and veggies to keep themselves in good health and include zeolite, which is a mineral that actually removes toxins and cancer cells too. It is also important for the best health you can have, to eat chemical-free as much as possible. You will find this exciting and delicious way of eating on my EAT HEALTHY! page. I was pleased to see Dr. Gary Tunsky address this issue and am putting some links here for you to check him out if you like.

Cancer is scamGary Tunsky is a Naturopathic Doctor, nationally recognized health expert, and teacher to a diverse audience of doctors, scientists, and health-care professionals.

Another really great resource you may be interested in is:                                           

Cancer: An American Con$piracy [Paperback]


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