Ten Self-Healed Cancer Survivors Worth Noting

Blog cancercureWe have found an interesting web site- Natural Cures Not Medicine, that we would like to recommend to our readers.

Randy Kreill recently video-blogged to spotlight ten self-healed Cancer survivors in the continued effort to show to the world that the best option for treating a body born from nature is nature itself. While Western Medicine is overly concerned with merely treating symptoms, Kreill sets out to put emphasis on the healing power of clean, plant-based diets, of which only 3% of the nation is currently following.

While we believe you can both heal and avoid cancer by eating a healthy diet and taking supplements that include sun-ripened fruits, veggies, and also zeolite (a tasteless mineral), we know Randy Kreill will share with you more truth about the importance of diet and share what he not only believes, but has proven through others.

Randy Kreill believes you should be vegan and perhaps that is what some need, but we are neither vegetarian nor vegan and are not concerned that we will get cancer because our diet is natural and free from chemicals as much as possible. This is a subject those with cancer must study and decide for themselves. There is more than one natural way to heal and cure. Those looking for answers must decide for themselves, perhaps starting with our EAT HEALTHY! page and if they don’t feel that is working well for them, then switch to the more strict vegan diet.

Do enjoy this video.

We so very much enjoyed seeing and hearing Ruth Heidrich PhD, who survived breast cancer and is a very successful runner, that we will put a link to her video here.

Why Raw? Lessons from a Vegan Triathlete and Cancer Survivor



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