White Foods- How Bad For Your Diet Are They?

We’ve noticed that some advisors to weight programs, yes, even those who have studied nutrition, sometimes advise clients to not eat any white foods at all and that will help insure weight loss. We disagree and believe that not all white foods are bad for you! Yes, those below are…..

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But how about these…..

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At this time we are pleased to share an email we received from Isabel De Los Rios:

Hey, Isabel here and recently I had the pleasure of attending a nutrition seminar to up my nutrition IQ… some good presentations but I had to laugh when one speaker—a Registered Dietician at that—stated that one rule she requires EVERY client to follow is the “no white foods” rule.

Really? What about cauliflower? And how about cottage cheese?

I can just imagine one of her sweet, good-intentioned clients saying “no no” to cauliflower because her dietician told her “no white foods.”

Of course, I understand that the rule is a good one when applied to processed “white” foods like bread, pasta, and crackers, but believe it or not this dietician went on to specifically outlaw such white foods as bananas and potatoes just because of their color! Sorry, nothing wrong with those two as both bananas and potatoes are natural foods packed with potassium and they make for a great carb choice to eat early in the day or to “refuel” after a workout.

Additionally, here are a host of other WHITE foods to fuel your metabolism and burn fat:

Veggies such as onions, cauliflower, garlic, turnips, parsnips, and mushrooms are all loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber while yielding next to zero calories. Fill your plate with these white gems, and then pile on some more!

White beans are high in protein, very low glycemic (so they’re easy on your blood sugar), and high in fiber.

Organic dairy products such as raw milk, cottage cheese, and raw cheeses are all very high in protein while other dairy products such as Greek yogurt and kefir offer probiotics to boot!

Then there are seeds like pumpkin seeds and even white chia seeds that pack a super food punch rich in omega-3s, protein, antioxidants and fiber.

And lastly (but certainly not least!) there are the many varieties of white fish — another great metabolism-boosting source of protein, but here’s something you may not know: While we’ve been told that fish is one of the healthiest food choices around (and for the most part it is), there are some fish — all very common — that you should NEVER eat due to incredibly high levels of contamination that can and WILL hammer the delicate cells of your body with toxic inflammation, those being for the most part, farm grown fish

In the end, this toxic inflammation build up contributes to achy joints, premature aging of the skin (and less visible organs like the heart, kidneys, and liver), difficulty shedding excess weight, cognitive decline, forgetfulness, feeling blue and moody, and so much more…

*Isabel’s Core Takeaway:

Be wary of catch-all diet rules like “no white foods”… most of the time, there’s a lot more to the story! For instance, there ARE many white foods you should eat, like onions, bananas, Greek yogurt and many types of fish.

Jeannie here…. Isabel, Josh and Joel all recommend a good fish supplement for many reasons. We are taking an excellent one from Purity and have no desire to switch, but if you’re looking for more information and choices, then do watch this video Isabel included in her email to us- we think you’ll be glad you did!…


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