More On PALEO- 30-Day Challenge…

We are still hearing about how exciting and wonderful the Paleo way of life is– some LOVE it and some are disappointed in it. We prefer the way we eat now, but have no quarrel with those who love the Paleo way of eating for life. It’s really a matter of what turns you on and enables your success.

If you love a challenge and want some guidance from time to time, you might enjoy their 30 Day Challenge. There is great information in this video. If this isn’t for you, then just follow our EAT HEALTHY! page to get the results you’re looking for.FD 1 food heartWondering what this program offers? Those taking this offer (it’s less than $30.00) will receive:

  • 30 Day Challenge Guide – Change Your Diet, Transform Your Life
  • The Paleo Secret “Guide to Eating Out
  • The Paleo Secret “Skinny on Fat: Guide to Fats & Oils
  • The Paleo Secret “Paleo Shopping Guide
  • The Civilized Caveman Cooking – Grain Free Goodies Recipe Sampler 
  • Mary The Paleo Chef’s Cookbook Sampler 
  • PaleoHacks Delicious Cookbook Sampler

 You will also be given the opportunity to purchase the “Paleo Recipe Book“.

If you’ve been considering a fresh new diet this summer, then we suggest you DON’T DIET, but instead discover a new way to eat for yourself that will serve you well for life. There are many choices and by simply changing a few brands, reading some labels to make sure the product is one you actually want in your body– then choosing a diet aid if you need a little help (we suggest good ones in our EAT HEALTHY! article), you can stop the yo-yo diet syndrome and become the right size for your body for life- LET’S DO THIS!!



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My study of how to achieve and keep good health began when I was 18 and has been my lifelong passion. I have learned much over the years and when my T.O.P.S. group dissolved, I created Talk 'N Share. Life happened and I have not done anything with it until now. Since the beginning of this year I have learned many important things and wish to share with others, who like myself, may find it nearly impossible to lose those last few pounds and maintain the loss already achieved.
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