The Cold And Flu Season Is Underway- Afraid Of Ebola Or Other Flu’s?

FD eat dailyHas Ebola or other flu bugs got you or those you know and love worried? We would like to remind everyone that in order to be and stay healthy, our bodies need a strong immune system. That is accomplished through a variety of good fresh sun-ripened fruits and vegetables eaten daily. If enough of those are not available to you, then a good supplement is in order. A number of companies provide these, so if you sometimes get a cold or flu, then change the brand of vitamins you take!! Let’s all stay well this winter!

We are what we eat!

Are you eating for good health and wellness, or do you eat primarily for what tastes good at the time, especially if it is quick and easy at a fast food place? When eating at home are your foods truly healthy ones? Check out our EAT HEALTHY! page!

For years we’ve not gotten colds, flu, diabetes, cancer, etc., and it’s because we discovered eating sun-ripened fruits and vegetables is God’s plan through Mother Nature for keeping us healthy. Yes, we must have doctors sometimes and we do need some drugs- especially when having surgery, but again, it is God who provides the plants man gets drugs from and the knowledge Doctors need for surgery or whatever else is needed.

Not long ago I had someone in the medical field, (they should know better, but many haven’t studied nutrition enough to have the knowledge they should possess), tell me that she knew people could eat a healthy diet and still get cancer, because she knew someone who ate very healthy all the time and that person got cancer. It was not the time or place, so I could not share with her the information she is missing– the fact is, it has been proven fruits and vegetables get those health-giving properties during the sun-ripening process and if they are picked green, they cannot keep us healthy. A family could eat a very healthy diet all the time, which would include fresh fruit and vegetables every day and they not only could, they would, get colds, flu– yes, even cancer, if those foods were picked green, before being sun-ripened. For that reason, sun-ripened fruits and veggies are available from various companies as a supplement and it is possible to get them included in your vitamin tablet or capsule. So– if you sometimes get a cold or flu, you will no doubt want to find a company to provide these to you.

It doesn’t matter where you get yours, but I do recommend Purity Products because you can get great prices and they even make samples available so you can try things you have an interest in. You will find things we recommend on our Supplements?! page in this blog.

Some have told me they have serious doubts and also feel they can’t afford to include these supplements in their diet, because they have so many family members that they couldn’t afford the cost. They’d rather take their chances, then see a doctor if they get sick, because they have Insurance.


If you have doubts or are simply too stretched for money– do this EXPERIMENT–

Choose ONE member of your family- perhaps the one bringing in the most money for living expenses– perhaps a child who seems to always get every cold and flu other kids bring to school– just ONE member of your household. Get the Purity product that has those important sun-ripened fruits and veggies (Perfect Multi Super Greens or Perfect Multi Essentials), and give it to that person every day. You will no doubt be delighted to discover the great health that person begins to enjoy- and you will love the fact that germs from sick people they are around doesn’t affect them.  It won’t take long for you to prove the things I’ve shared with you here really do work– then you can make your own choices from there.



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