Is Cane Juice The Same As Sugar?

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Differences Between Cane Juice and Sugar

Both sugar and evaporated cane juice comes from the sugar cane plant. The difference between the two is found in the refinement process that each undergoes. White sugar goes through a series of refinement steps that removes color and most, if not all, of its nutrients. Evaporated cane juice is extracted from pressed sugarcane, thereby retaining its important vitamins, such as riboflavin and vitamin B, as well as amino acids and fiber that its refined counterpart lacks. It remains slightly brown in color.

It may sound completely ridiculous at first, but sugarcane juice is actually good for you. Though it is comprised purely of sugar, it is comprised of the right sugar; that is unrefined sugar. The juice is most widely consumed in Brazil, India and South East Asia, though today some 200 countries cultivate the crop. Sugarcane juice has a profound presence in the cultures and gastronomic histories of these regions; a primary indication that there must be something more than a sweet taste to this beverage that has kept it in the diet of variant cultures for so long.

So does that mean we can consume as much cane juice as we do of white sugar without concern? No, of course not. Cane juice contains the same amount of calories as processed white sugar. However, companies put white sugar in almost everything and usually it is companies producing healthy products that use the cane juice. If you read labels and leave all processed foods out of your diet, especially those that has sugar listed as an ingredient, you will find you eat very few foods that have cane juice in them and that, my friends, is how we eat well and stay healthy- even some healthy dark chocolate has cane juice in it for sweetness- how sweet is that!

So folks, the biggest difference we’ve found is the processing which turns the good healthy sugar cane into a processed and sometimes toxic chemical that is often habit forming, ensuring you’ll be a customer for life if you buy from companies using it to excess. To avoid being addicted to sugar, stay away from the processed and stick with the pure juice and dried cane. Even then, it might be a good idea to use stevia a lot since it is very sweet but lacks all the calories. Let your body be your guide as you feed it fresh and healthy foods.



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