Your Loved Ones Fight Healthy Eating?

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4 fail-proof solutions for getting your loved ones on board

Isabel sent us this interesting email that has us thinking… yes, it is true that if one person who is into healthy eating does all the shopping and cooking, healthy eating for everyone would be automatic, fun, delicious and no problem. THE PROBLEM OCCURS WHEN… a spouse or other person also shops and brings home unhealthy things because they don’t want to read labels. Isabel says…

Picture this…

My wonderful family (my hubbie and 2 sons) sit down to a beautiful dinner of grilled salmon and veggies that I’ve prepared. I’ve also made some delicious quinoa with sautéed mushrooms to go along side it.

Sounds good, right?

The whole family rejoices at the site of this tasty meal and start to dig in with smiles on their faces.

This is exactly how dinner goes at my house every night…NOT!!

Dinner at my house looks more like this…

“Mommy, I don’t want fish, I want hot dogs.”

“Is there anything else? Did you put steaks on the grill too?”

“I don’t want these brown things (mushrooms). Take them off.”

“Can I just eat chips for dinner?” (The person asking this question shall remain nameless.)

…Yup, that sounds more like it.

Although my household for the most part is a bunch of healthy eaters, feeding my family does not come without its challenges.

Can you relate?

When you started eating healthy did your whole family jump for joy? Cheering for the changes that were to come?

…ummm, probably NOT.

For most people, the biggest challenge when starting a healthier way of eating comes from the resistance of their family. So much so, that sometimes it’s the reason people abandon their new healthy habits all together.

Since I don’t want that to happen to you, and since I’ve had my fair share of resistance from my own family members, today I want to share 4 of my best strategies (that I continue to use in my own life) for getting your family on board with a new way of eating…

1. You catch more bees with honey than with vinegar.

Keep it positive and remain upbeat about the upcoming changes. The minute you start preaching, scolding, yelling, or lecturing anyone about how you think they need to eat, you are going to lose them.

I made this mistake with my mother many years ago. I was a young college student at the time and instead of sharing my new knowledge with my mother in a positive way, I would yell at her for eating bread, I would lecture her about her diabetes, and I would try and lay guilt trips on her to make her change.

Do you think any of these strategies worked?

No way!

In fact, it made the situation painfully worse because my mother began to build a wall of resistance against my healthy eating suggestions. It wasn’t until I began to teach my mother in a kind and loving way that she became receptive and open to the information I was sharing. And thank goodness she did because it literally saved her life.

2. Everyone’s timing is different.

Accept that everyone changes at their own pace and in their own time. Some can do it all at once and that’s amazing, but many more people need to take changes one baby step at a time. The important thing is that there is change, not how quickly it happens.

I find that many people have a hard time with their significant others changes when they are not doing exactly what they think they should be doing. Remember, your journey is specific to you and your loved one’s journey is specific to them.

This is something I have to remind myself of daily as my husband is a lot more lenient with his food choices than I am with mine. This doesn’t mean I don’t care about him or that I don’t try and help him whenever I can.

Just recently he told me that his mornings were getting so busy that he’d totally forget to take his Daily Energy greens drink – which is crucial to his overall health, focus throughout the day, and energy levels. So I started making his greens drink instead and put it in the bathroom for him to drink while he was gets ready.

Support your loved ones by providing help wherever it’s needed and they will be more likely to want to follow along with more of your suggested healthy habits.

3. Use a “driving force.”

Find out exactly what motivates your loved ones and use that as a positive driving force.

I remember this specifically 7 years ago when my mother was starting to “fall off the wagon.” It was shortly after my sister had gotten married and I knew she and my brother-in-law were planning on starting a family soon. I asked my mother how involved she wanted to be in the life of her new grandchild.

She responded, “I want to be as helpful to your sister as my mother was with me. My mother really helped me by babysitting, cleaning around the house, and running errands when you and your sister were babies and I’ll never forget how helpful that was.”

It didn’t take long for my mother to see that in order to do those things, she really needed to feel healthy and have tons of energy. So I used her desire to help my sister as the driving force to motivate her to get back on the healthy diet she knew would allow her to help.

I have had similar conversations with my husband when he starts to fall off the health wagon. I know what kind of dad he wants to be to our sons and in order to teach them how to play sports, take them hiking and camping, and wake up early with them each day he really needs to have his health in a good place.

Now, please don’t misunderstand me. Do not use this person’s driving force to create a guilt trip or use words to attack. Remember that people respond better to words of love and kindness than insults and guilt. I know some days that may be hard, but remember, if it is your goal to get this person to live a healthy lifestyle, it will be patience and love that will help you the most.

Most importantly, I have used this phrase often, but it holds true for so many areas of life,

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Ghandi

In your case, be sure to focus on your own changes and let the world (your loved ones) see what a positive impact these changes are making in your life. Show them how delicious, enjoyable and easy a healthy lifestyle can be.

4. Variety is the spice of life.

Healthy food has a bad reputation of being tasteless and bland, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, whole, natural foods can include everything from pasta and pizza, to kid-friendly favorites like chicken nuggets and sweet desserts.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with a variety of meals your whole family will love (and can be made easily), get the tools you need to make every meal exciting with new meal plans and recipes that even the pickiest eaters will be thrilled to try.

You may feel like it’s challenging to always come up with new and interesting ways to implement healthy foods into your family’s life, so don’t let this part of your health journey be tough on you. Let me do the work each month and share those great recipes with you.

Get Isabel’s new meal plans and recipes every single month

Don’t let this part of healthy eating stop you from seeing great success.  Let me handle the hard part and you and your family enjoy the delicious meals that come your way.

Jeannie here- I’m not going to check all of the recipes Isabel shares to make sure they are all chemical-free. If you have been (or are) replacing your chemical filled staple ingredients with yummy chemical-free ones, you can safely follow any recipe Isabel shares. Trouble with the flour? It can be gluten free, but now that we can get the good wheat flour that great great grandma used, from Italy- consider these flours. Want to check what is chemical-free- and see what foods we suggest? See our EAT HEALTHY! page! Now that you can make yummy things with good ingredients there is no need to toss your old favorite recipes- ENJOY EATING, ALWAYS!

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In health and happiness,

Isabel De Los Rios



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