The Secret Is Out…Toxic Food Ingredients Is Our REAL Problem

FB foodMuch has been written about what to eat and not eat in order to lose excess weight, become free of disease and be healthy. We often see well meaning and knowledgeable people advertise their programs and suggestions with titles like…

How to NEVER store carbs as fat…

COFFEE – 3 tricks to make it super healthy

NEVER grill meat, unless you do this…

3-day meal plan (exact foods to eat)

One day when reading an email from Coach Josh, we got a ‘light-bulb moment’ when he said…

“Did you know that food chemists are adding all sorts of nasty chemicals to your foods that can make you fatter and sicker?

It’s true.

What’s more, their “chemical tinkering” has also created dangerous, “Frankenstein” fats

… you see, food chemists got the bright idea to take a healthy vegetable oil, put it in a laboratory, and bomb it with hydrogen atoms.”

Coach Josh went on to explain how trans fats were made and the fact they become TOXIC to the human body. By now many companies have stopped using them, but it’s not just trans fats we should avoid.

There are many chemical ingredients that cause problems with our health because they are toxic to our bodies in many ways. You are no doubt familiar with many of them… sugar- (yes, once it has been processed, it’s natural properties are changed and it qualifies as a chemical), dextrose, sucralose, fructose, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, bleached flour, canola, soybean oil, corn oil, margarine, soy protein, preservatives, food coloring’s, MSG, BHT, and any food that has been changed from the way nature intended it to be.

When a natural food is changed, it loses important nutrition and our body may become deficient in some of the nutrients it needs.

Even though it is good and often beneficial for those writing articles that are intended to help overweight folks by telling them what they should and shouldn’t eat, I think it would be much better to tell overweight people to EAT whatever they want, as MUCH as they want as OFTEN as they want, but make sure there are NO CHEMICALS in those foods! I believe that one thing alone would make a huge difference for many, as it has for me.

You see, leaving out those chemicals and including the saturated fats that are naturally in our foods, will reduce your hunger and you will want less food– strange, but true. That is because the foods you do eat will give your body the nutrients it needs and is asking for, since they’ve not been removed in processing.

At this point you may be thinking you couldn’t possibly do that because EVERYTHING in your cupboards and frig have one or many of these unwanted chemicals in them. Not to worry. It is quite possible to exchange the bad foods for good just by changing your brands and if you can’t toss and replace everything in one day, eat the bad ones and when you need to buy more, replace with good ones. In time you will be able to enjoy a healthy food kitchen and your healthier, slimmer body will thank you too! If you don’t know where to start, my page on EAT HEALTHY! will give you lots of ideas and shares some brands you may wish to change to.

We’ve been hearing comments that a diet is needed, but the person just can’t stand the foods they would have to eat. That’s sad. We recommend that people DON’T DIET!  Most of the time diets don’t work, at least in the long term. People should eat things they enjoy and as long as those foods are free of chemicals, hunger is satisfied and the person most likely won’t gain. If you leave all chemicals out and find it’s still not working as well or quickly as you’d like, begin counting carbs- three doctors have now told us NOT to count CALORIES!  WHY?? Simply because all calories don’t behave the same way in our body. A big juicy steak will not put any weight on us but the same amount of calories in a starch, potatoes, rice, bread- all starches, will. As you count carbs, just make sure they are all chemical-free and we know you will be delighted! Wonder how many to consume? Your goal should be to take in no more than 60 carbs per day and if that’s not working well for you, then we suggest you try a Ketogenic diet….. This could be important because protein and fat will curb your hunger and can satisfy for hours at a time. This way of eating works so well for me that I don’t count my carbs most of the time even though I still have a few pounds I’d like to see go (they hide well under most of my clothes and people tell me I’m thin enough- I just love that- but they won’t see me in a skinny bathing suit just yet!).

So– how do I eat deliciously, not count carbs and not gain?

  • My morning coffee is sweetened with Yacon syrup or stevia and contains cream, half ‘n half or Almond Milk. I usually have some fruit, then may enjoy cottage cheese in my favorite yogurt, OR if hubby wants to make an omelet, we enjoy that along with fried potatoes (we love to use a left over baker from the night before). He eats his omelet as it is served from the fry pan, I slather sour cream all over mine!

  • A few hours later if I’m a bit hungry, a bulletproof coffee with a scoop of whey protein powder satisfies me very nicely.

  • DINNER– we choose a meat– Rib steak? Ham? Chicken? Seafood? Hamburger? Then we decide on potato, rice, pasta, veggies, salad– one of our favorites is to make taco potatoes because we like tacos, but seem to prefer the mixture in a baker rather than a taco shell. We put the baker on a small bed of lettuce salad, fill with the taco mixture and top with chopped onions, tomatoes, olives, sour cream, shredded cheese and of course taco hot sauce- our favorite way to enjoy a taco dinner! For those eating Keto, skip the potato and put these goodies on a nice big bed of salad!  NO ONE CAN CONVINCE ME EATING TO LOSE WEIGHT HAS TO BE AN UNPLEASANT THING!

NOW THAT YOU KNOW leaving foods containing chemicals out of your daily diet is the only way to achieve the success you’ve been looking and hoping for, you are ready for my EAT HEALTHY! page and some of the other articles we have here for your reading and learning pleasure.



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