Treatment For Dementia And Alzheimers?

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We enjoyed this video because in THE UNBREAKABLE BRAIN, you will learn much of what we already know about Dementia and Alzheimers but didn’t really think about! After all, aren’t these just natural things that happen to us as we age? Aren’t these problems hereditary? They cannot be prevented or even reversed can they? Yes and No. It all depends on what you choose to do with the information that crosses your path in life.

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase ‘WE ARE WHAT WE EAT’, and perhaps you really believed that and perhaps you didn’t. Some people eat dandelion greens because they contain nutrients that are helpful to our body, grow wild and are easy to come by, but would they eat some that had been sprayed with poison chemicals to kill them and keep them out of the yard? Probably not– and the reason they wouldn’t is the same reason we should avoid food crops that have been sprayed to kill and keep unwanted bugs away. The poison gets into the plant or tree and then into the foods we eat, which puts it into us. Some people have a high tolerance for these poisons and some don’t, thus the poisons eaten in our foods affect some a lot and others not at all.

We can take this one step further- the foods our farm animals are fed becomes a part of them, affecting milk, eggs, steak- anything we get and eat from them. I believe POISON INTO OUR BODY IS BAD HEALTH OUT, even if it takes years– consider a smoker who does it for many years before quitting, then is surprised and disappointed when a doctor appointment reveals he or she has emphysema. 

I’ve had very little experience with this, but even though it isn’t much, I will share it with you here…. Some years back I began having  ‘senior moments’. Sometimes a word I needed escaped me and I couldn’t recall it- other times when talking with someone my mind would go blank in the middle of a conversation. EMBARRASSING! Then I discovered Ginkgo Biloba and began taking that supplement and things definitely improved- not perfect, but much better. Awhile back a doctor told me the best thing I could do for my barely working thyroid was to eat more fats and he recommended coconut oil and avocados. Then another doctor said I needed more B-12 because I’m often more tired than I should be. THEREFORE, when I noticed my memory is almost perfect and I no longer have the problems I did in the past, I gave all the credit to Ginkgo Biloba. WOW!! After seeing this video I’m giving only some to that and most to the coconut oil and some to my B vitamins!! Good health is a combination of all the natural and healthful things God has given us through Mother Nature!

FD brain FdTHE BOTTOM LINE— certainly you may get the book this doctor has made available and it would no doubt be helpful to you and those in your life who have memory problems. HOWEVER I noticed as I watched the video that the things he talks about- the foods he recommends- are all the things I recommend in my blog- mostly on the EAT HEALTHY! page- and it is FREE! What you choose to do is your choice and I do hope you will choose the best health possible for your body.



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