The Fall and Winter months seem to be the time many people and their kids get sick– colds and flu invade your family. Colds are bad, but flu is even worse, causing many to lose work, school, wages and education.


Much has been written, said and experienced on this subject, yet with all the information and knowledge available, the germs seem to win the battle.

Can it be that getting sick from time to time actually helps our immune system fight for us in the future? Some think so.

Is it possible that if only we would eat certain foods, that is the answer to never having a cold? Some think so.

I have studied this very subject since the early 90’s and believe I have the answer, because what I learned then has kept both me and my husband free of the colds and flu that we got every year, especially in the fall. Now we never get them, even if exposed by family and friends.

Not long ago, someone told me they didn’t need the vitamins I sometimes recommend because they ate well and were quite healthy. They are right, of course. If we eat a variety of organic, sun-ripened health-giving foods that we grow ourselves or get from our local Farmer’s Market, we very well may never get sick and shouldn’t need extra vitamins. Therein lies the problem. It is sometimes difficult, if not impossible, to get enough variety in our natural sun-ripened foods to keep us well.

We could consume every fruit and vegetable in the produce section of our local grocery, and still get colds and flu. Why? Simply because they were NOT SUN-RIPENED. They were picked green, before maturing into the health-giving foods that they were meant to be. As strange as it seems, it is during the sun-ripening, that the phyto-nutrients our immune system needs to keep us healthy, is put into those wonderful, juicy, crunchy, yummy fruits and veggies.

For that reason, many companies have given us vitamins, telling us that if we take these every day we will be healthy. So, folks- how’s that workin’ out for ya? S. D. Wells put it so well when he said Most generic vitamins like One-A-Day, Centrum, and Equate are synthetic, dead, cooked in laboratories and contain “other ingredients” which are toxic to your body. These brands are owned by the largest corporations in America, like Pfizer and Merck, who would like to see you sick and in need of their toxic pharmaceuticals. They are selling you “vitamins” in hopes that you don’t go out and buy ORGANIC VITAMINS, which actually help you. So not only is your body incapable of using the DEAD VITAMINS, but the other ingredients are making more work for your organs, your cells and your heart. Cancer and heart disease are fueled by people who consume chemicals daily”.

Isn’t it time to change something?

I have discovered a number of companies offer good health-giving vitamins that contain the sun-ripened nutrients our bodies need. You have choices here. You can research and buy whatever you like, or you can consume the ones that keep my husband and myself healthy. I don’t sell anything, nor do I benefit in any way when you make a purchase. You however, stand to benefit because one day when ordering some things, I told my Rep. how much I loved their products and that I was recommending them to readers on a health blog I write. She put me on hold, and when she came back, she said if my readers would call that number and tell her or whoever was in the office at that time that Jeannie James sent them, they would get the same special treatment and prices we enjoy, and that is less than the prices listed on their web site. So- do call Jason at 1-800-595-9462, ext. 5373 and tell him Jeannie James sent you. You may cruise the Purity web site and choose anything you like, but instead of ordering as directed on their site, give Jason a call and tell him what you’d like. He’ll sign you up and take good care of your needs. You’ll save valuable money while getting very healthy and staying free of colds and flu. Oh- one more thing- if you choose a company that claims it will work for you and you get a cold, by all means change your brand- choose another company!

 NOW– Here are the two main ones I recommend, one for adults and one for kids! Let’s keep the munchkins well while they’re in school. We don’t need them getting sick or bringing any big bad germs home, do we? You may need to take the recommended amount to begin with, but if you eat well (see my EAT HEALTHY! page) you may discover before too long that you only need to take about half that amount. Always listen to your body and you won’t go wrong.

1 A vit1 vit.

1 kids

1 kidFB-preventingfluSooo– is this the year you will choose great health over illness for your family? We do hope so.

Hopefully I have answered any questions you may have here, but if not, send me a question from the TALK To Us! page. 



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