Can Coffee + Chocolate + Wine = Lean Body?

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Sometime back Coach Josh sent us an interesting email. We agree with him most of the time, but caution you to be careful when straying away from eating healthy. We believe most of the time it should be totally chemical free, probably made with gluten free and chemical free ingredients, but if not, don’t be concerned too much because if you’re following our EAT HEALTHY! page, you will be just fine- cheat days and all!

Coach Josh says–

There’s a raging debate about whether “forbidden foods” such as coffee, chocolate and wine are good for you.

One side thinks these foods KILL your metabolism, accelerate aging and drain you of energy.

The other side thinks life is short, so WHY NOT have some fun…how bad can they REALLY be?

So WHICH Side is Right?

Surprisingly…neither! And that’s good news for your body shape, muscle tone and energy levels.

Study after study has shown these “forbidden” foods extend life span, accelerate fat burning, fight aging and ward off disease.

It all has to do with hormesis — the idea that otherwise toxic substances in LOW amounts make us stronger.

Hormesis is MORE than just a theory a review of 20,000+ articles in the journal Toxicological Sciences showed that low doses of 600+ otherwise toxic substances had a POSITIVE effect. WOW!

The Reason Behind this Bizarre Phenomenon…

While the exact science on this is being worked out, it’s thought that these “poisons” gently stress your energy-producing mitochondria just enough so they adapt and become stronger.

That means EVERY part of your body — your brain, heart, lungs, liver, immune system and more — is FLOODED with energy.

And having more energy has the single biggest influence on your metabolism, health, mood and lifespan.

So next time you want to enjoy a glass of wine, indulge in a bite of decadent dark chocolate or sip a cup of piping hot coffee — don’t feel guilty, just don’t go crazy… everything in moderation.

Jeannie here… the chocolate and coffee drinks can be chemical free and good for you. Hormesis is an interesting subject, but if you’re not into the study of this topic- just want to lose some weight and be healthy, you may want to consider the Our One Day Diet- Yum. That, along with the suggestions on our EAT HEALTHY! page, should serve you very well… and yes, on rare occasion, do enjoy whatever food and drink you like even if it’s a no-no. The next day you can go back to eating the way you prefer- leaving out the chemicals and your body will love you for it!

Coach Josh



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