Are Kids Vitamins REALLY Important?


We had an extended winter and have been seeing plenty of illness. The question is now asked– ‘How can I best keep my small child free of colds and flu?’ Some of those asking have nursing babies and/or toddlers. Some are still expecting and want to know the best things to do once baby is here because a friend’s baby was sick and their Pediatrician didn’t have an answer that worked for them.

WE HAVE ALL HEARD THAT WE ARE WHAT WE EAT- and for baby, that process begins while growing in the mother’s womb. What mommy eats will not only affect baby’s growth in the womb, but also affects her breast milk and contributes to the health of baby for better or for worse as the mother nurses. If the mother is healthy, baby will no doubt be healthy, but if the mother didn’t get what she needs, neither will baby.

Some mother’s pump their healthy breast milk- keep it in the frig until needed, then warm it in the MICROWAVE! BIG MISTAKE!! In the journal Pediatrics, a study revealed that using this to warm breast milk reduced many of its disease-fighting capabilities. Other studies have shown that using a microwave to heat and cook foods, reduces the amount of nutrients those foods have, so even if you eat healthy, your microwave can cancel much of the good being done.

If you didn’t get good live vitamins while pregnant, it gets a bit more tricky- you will want baby/toddler to get what is needed to keep flu and colds away, but since he/she can’t chew or swallow vitamin pills, how do you get a good live vitamin down him/her? We suggest two ways. Get the ones for adults so you too, can keep well, then take just one capsule, open it and add it to something baby is eating or drinking. OR- get the children’s chewable ones and crush one, adding it to Baby’s food or drink of your choice. LIVE VITAMINS WORK- DEAD ONES DON’T. If your family is taking vitamins and get a cold or the flu, CHANGE YOUR BRAND!! There are a number of companies that make good live ones. If you don’t want to search them out and wonder what keeps Hubby and I well, it’s Purity.



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