Crohn’s- Medical Doctors VS Naturopaths


Functionally there is very little difference between the various Doctors. They all went to medical schools. They can all diagnose and treat disease. What makes them different is the philosophy they bring to the process– and we believe philosophy is very important. WHY?

The MEDICAL DOCTORS believe in using drugs to achieve success and even though some drugs have always been a great way to allow our body to heal itself, over time they have become big business and now much of the time only symptoms rather than the root cause is treated.

NATUROPATHIC DOCTORS focus on using nature and natural remedies to treat illness at the root cause if possible and usually try to treat symptoms as a secondary fact until the root cause can fully be addressed.

Recently we saw an article celebrating the fact they now have a vaccination to treat Crohn’s Disease. BRITISH RESEARCHERS believe that they have made an important breakthrough in the search for a vaccine against the crippling digestive illness Crohn’s disease.

WebMD- New Drug for Crohn’s Disease Shows Early Promise

We really like the WebMD site for many things we research and perhaps you will find it to be a good resource for you as well.

Patients with Crohn’s will experience flare-ups followed by periods of remission. A combination of medication, lifestyle changes, diet, and surgery can help keep the disease under control so that patients are able to live a normal life.


NOW that we’ve shared what the Medical doctors are doing, let’s give a bit of space to the Naturopath doctors.

Heal The Root Cause, drrondrucker.

Fungus Found Inside Humans Identified For The First Time As Key Contributor In Crohn’s Disease 

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University have discovered a fungus that works with two types of bacteria to cause symptoms of Crohn’s. This is the first study to find a fungus that plays a role in the development of the disease. The hope is that the identification leads to new ways of treating Crohn’s.

Coconut oil and Crohn’s disease


Natural Health 365 has some interesting articles and address this subject as well.


After this in depth study, we know you may always have to carefully guard against this disease, but we believe eating chemical-free and taking live vitamins will help you more than anything else you can do… except the microwave. Try NOT using it.



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  1. Michelle Johnson says:

    Excellent article. I am aware of people overcoming Crohns by eating more naturally, less or no processed foods.


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