5 Reasons You Should Eat Chocolate Every Day

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Most ‘Chocolate’ Isn’t What You Think It Is…

Melting chocolate.by Kelsey Ale – Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & Natural Chef

It’s no secret we are a world of chocolate lovers – if there was ever any doubt, we only need to consider that we consume $83 million dollars worth of the stuff every year!

Yes, chocolate makes us happy (very, very happy) – but it also does so much more. It’s good for our brain, for our heart, and for our relationships.

Basically, chocolate can solve most of our problems 😉

All joking aside, in case you needed another reason to eat more chocolate, I’m going to give you 5 reasons right now that reveal why you should give in and eat chocolate everyday…

1. Chocolate protects your heart.healthy-heart-small
Researchers at Sweden’s Linköping University showed that within 3 hours of eating 2.6 ounces of unsweetened 72%-cacao dark chocolate, participant’s’ blood pressure decreased by 18%. These results are similar to the actions of a class of hypertension drugs called ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme) inhibitors.

While doctors are not yet prescribing doses of chocolate as medicine, I think it’s a program patients would stick with…

2. Chocolate can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

I bet you didn’t realize that chocolate is an incredible versatile ingredient that can be worked into both sweet cakes and savory sauces alike. Some classic recipes, like Mexican Mole, have used it since the beginning to bring depth and richness to non-sweet meals. You can even add a touch of melted dark chocolate to your marinara sauce to make the flavor pop!

Just in case you worried you’d have to eat bon bons all day, this is one way eating chocolate everyday can be made that much easier…

3. Chocolate is the ultimate chill-pill.

A study reported in The Journal of Psychopharmacology revealed that a compound found in chocolate, called polyphenols, may indeed ease feelings of anxiety. Participants in the study who consumed high amounts of cocoa polyphenols in the form of a dark chocolate mix reported greater calmness and contentedness than those who did not consume the polyphenols.

While more research is still needed on the subject, I’m going to play it safe and make sure to eat my polyphenols regularly…

4. Chocolate is a great way to make friends!

…Because who doesn’t love chocolate?

Chocolate treats are great for office parties and baby showers, and they make excellent little gifts for friends and family. Share the love!

5. Chocolate supports healthy gut bacteria.

Believe it or not, studies have shown that regular consumption of the compound called ‘flavanols’ found in cocoa increases the healthy bacteria in your gut. This is because the flavonols are not completely absorbed during digestion, and when they get past your stomach they provide food (also known as “prebiotics”) for your good bacteria to munch on. I’m sure you had a “gut feeling” about this 😉

…As you can see, science is on our side when it comes to loving chocolate!

But to be clear, the wrong kind of chocolate can wreck your health, leaving you bloated, foggy-headed, and with more padding – in all the wrong places. We know that so many of the chocolate treats out there today are unhealthy, full of processed, refined, unhealthy ingredients that will leave you overweight and unhappy…

However, eating the right kind of chocolate can boost your mood and your health, and give you all of the amazing benefits we listed above!

Luckily,  there’s a simple solution that allows you to have your chocolate and eat it, too…

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YES- it’s true- CHOCOLATE is good for us- it’s what companies put into it that makes it bad for us- processed sugar, flour and other things our system often has a problem with! If you use only chemical-free ingredients your goodies will be totally delicious and your body will be healthy- and yes- slim and trim. To see more of how we eat for our good health, check out our EAT HEALTHY! page now!



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  1. talknshare says:

    I suggest you make sure it is cacao and that nothing has been added to it. Always check ingredient labels.


  2. Michelle Johnson says:

    I would have to experiment with cocoa powder and dates to sweeten it. Often chocolate will cause an outbreak of my cold sores. Do you know of a healthy cocoa powder?


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