One Nutrient CAUSES Most Body Fat And Disease, One Doesn’t!

We’ve been hearing so much recently about illness due to diabetes and cancer, that we want to reach out again to those who have it and those who have it within their families. One sad fact we have noticed and learned again today, is that some people are very closed minded about these things, while some are open to exploring ALL possible solutions to their problems. There are some who want to go only to doctors who prescribe drugs, ignoring the fact many things can be cured using the natural things God gave us within our food supply system. Yes, God made all plants and some like Aloe Vera and Marijuana are great for their healing properties, yet can be abused. I wish to pass on something my Mother taught me very early in life– Drugs make sick people well and well people sick. NEVER take a drug unless you are sick, then stop as soon as you are well.

So– for the best health you can enjoy, free of diabetes and cancer, eat as chemical-free as possible and take natural supplements proven over time to work. You may wish to check out our Supplements?! page.

Now- let’s go over this link from the past. Coach Josh was one of our favorite nutritionists and you will find him throughout this health blog.

Introducing- Einkorn flour and things made from it….

FD einkorn_flourFD cookies jovial-shop-home-einkorncookiesWhen Coach Josh sent us an email telling us that this certain nutrient CAUSES most body fat, that got our attention, because we know he is right, but have just recently discovered a terrific answer that we think most people are not yet aware of. Take it from here, Josh…

It’s crazy, really. Man takes sugar cane or vegetables like corn or beets (which are full of fiber and various vitamins and minerals in their natural state), and completely strips them of all health-promoting properties.

What’s left is a fast-digesting, highly addictive, nutritionally dead food that causes sickness and even premature death when consumed in excess.

Of course I’m talking about sugar and, in the case of wheat, white flour. Contrary to popular belief, “stripped carbohydrates” as I call them (in all their various forms like sugar [sucrose], flour, enriched white flour, enriched bleached flour, enriched wheat flour, wheat flour, semolina flour, white rice, maltodextrin, glucose, fructose, malt syrup, corn starch, dextrose, and levulose) are really America’s most fattening and dangerous obesity addictives. Although, ironically, most processed, “fat-free” foods are loaded to the gills with them.

Jeannie here… Coach Josh always tells folks to leave these sugar and flour products out of their diet, so when our daughter discovered the great wheat products from Italy, it was very exciting and we recommend them on our EAT HEALTHY! page. YES!! These are totally delicious and my body doesn’t react the same way as when I eat flour products from here in the US. I have not broken out in rolls of fat and my hunger has not gone out of control as I have experienced in the past. We continue to order their products because they are nutritious as well as yummy. You will find their website here- ENJOY!!



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