Keto Foods- No Potato Or Banana??

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When I first discovered I needed a Ketogenic diet, I was just fine with that- after all, I knew all about counting carbs- learned about those years ago from Dr. Adkins and recently had 3 doctors tell me to count carbs not calories, THEN I DISCOVERED THAT AT THIS POINT IN TIME MY BODY WILL NOT HANDLE MORE THAN 10-15 CARBS A DAY!! WOW!! THAT’S NOT MUCH AT ALL!

As I began to reach out for answers, a few people told me there were now a lot of things I couldn’t eat- I had asked when I could eat potatoes and bananas- something I was having often, and told NEVER! Many of these people also told me I had to count net carbs and track some things. Sounded complicated to me and I just want a simple answer to my question- what can I eat to stay in ketosis and be healthy- and WHEN can I once more eat potatoes and bananas!

As I searched for whatever would be helpful, I further discovered that there are folks who stop turning their test strips purple and struggle with finding answers to many questions– TOTALLY SAD AND FRUSTRATING!

OK FOLKS, ENOUGH ALREADY! Lets start at the beginning and go through this one step at a time. The beginning was when we discovered we had a problem that would be solved either by drugs or a diet to lose weight. I chose to let the natural foods from Mother Nature be my medicine and take in 60 carbs a day or less- then I discovered chemical-free eating and how wonderfully our body responds to it, AND how totally delicious it is! At this point perhaps you would benefit from my EAT HEALTHY! page.

Once I began eating chemical-free, things improved and I no longer gained weight unless I took in a lot of carbs and some chemicals– THEN IT HAPPENED– the doctor said I only had about 15 more pounds to lose, but it wasn’t going anywhere. Was I just on a plateau? When a whole year passed with me at the same weight, my guess was no.

S0– I got some keto test strips, began collecting 0-1 carb foods and dusted off my scale. It is not necessary to test for ketones to know you are once more burning fat instead of storing it, but it can be a helpful tool and is an exciting thing to do– also it is not necessary to weigh every day or week, but it’s a great way to have satisfaction and encourage ones self.

The QUESTION became- just what should I eat each day?

It gets a bit exciting to understand that most meats and healthy oils have NO CARBS!– Then to realize that there is only a half carb in an egg so TWO eggs is only ONE CARB– and to top it all off, cheeses are very low in carbs and one ounce of cheddar is only 0.4 g, less than a half carb!!– well that is very close to Heaven isn’t it? 

Let’s do Breakfast….

We do like cereals, pancakes, waffles and French toast, but our favorite thing is eggs with bacon or sausage, so we have that the most. THEREFORE– I started this journey by having 2 scrambled eggs topped with some cheddar melting over the top- crowned with a bit of sour cream and served with a side of sausage. YUM! Within 2 days I was a nice moderate purple, so next I enjoyed a taco omelet and had a couple slices of fried baked potato (about 2 Tbl.) with it just to see if I would stay purple– I did- and lost another half pound– YAY!! 


Busy and not hungry, however since I don’t want to get hungry before dinner I think I’ll have a bulletproof coffee with a nice big scoop of my whey protein powder. That always works well!


CHEESEBURGERS- I always eat mine on a plate with a knife and fork- no bun, sooo iceberg lettuce goes on my plate, then onion slices, tomato slices, some mayo and last of all two yummy juicy hamburger patties topped with cheddar… getting full but got it all down…. the next dinner I share with you will be on Sunday two days from now…. STEAK & LOBSTER- I learned that the refreshing Chablis I like only has 1 carb per ounce, so I had a wine glass with 3 oz. and a nice big handful of tossed salad along with my steak & lobster tail…. well, I got through this day nicely, still purple, still losing– YAY!! 

So what are the 0-1 carb things I’ve discovered and like?

Just The CHEESE Aged Cheddar,  Parmesan Cheese Crisps,  Cream Cheese,  DNX Chicken BarEpic Chicken BarCoffee Creamers, (Silk) Almond & Coconut Milk,    Swiss & Pepper Jack Cheeses,  Both egg & tuna salads,

I’m adding more! WOW!!

Have you heard of PILI NUTS? YUM! These nuts (pronounced ‘PEE-lee’) contain the highest amount of fat and lowest carbs of any nut. These raw nuts have a delicious buttery taste and come in seven flavors- Natural & unsalted, Himalayan Salted, Ranch, Chili Garlic, Pizza, Apple Spice, and a Turmeric Blend of Coconut Oil, Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, Redmond Ancient Seal Salt, Black Pepper. Super delicious– we’ll be getting more of these! When going out to get more, we discovered they have added chocolate to some too, and that some companies are selling these incredible nuts for several more dollars than we can get them, so beware of not just the ingredients, but the cost, since some companies are out to get your dollar rather than helping to fix your health.

One night Hubby made up a plate of sausage and cheese that included sweet-hot mustard and crackers for us to snack on during the movie. I checked the ingredients of the crackers and mustard and said no thanks, but missed the crackers, then had a ‘LIGHT-BULB’ moment- took a pkg of Just The Cheese, broke it into ‘cracker-size’ pieces and YUM! So now I know we can sub these cheese bars for crackers! Wow- who would’ve thought?

Today is Monday and I’m ready to go from 10 carbs a day to 15, so what things will I now allow myself to have?

What are the 6 carb or less things I’ve discovered and like?

Coconut Wraps,  1 Choc. peanut-butter malt ball,  CHOC ZERO,

The Bottom Line is YES, I can have potato and banana- just not much.

EXAMPLE: In the past I would occasionally toast a slice of Ezekiel bread (18 carbs)- spread 2 Tbl of my choc. peanut butter (12 more) over it and then slice a banana on top (27 more), for a grand total of 57 carbs which for many would be a whole days worth and for others would be way too much… sooo- how about half a coconut wrap (3), 1 tsp of the choc. peanut-butter (2 more), and 1/8 of a banana (4), for a grand total of 9 carbs? Perhaps you think that is silly and not worth doing, but for me it works because I get the taste I love and never feel deprived.

Should I discover more goodies, I will add them here- I am planning another order of things I want to try. In the meantime, I know I’ll be just fine with the wide variety of goodies we already have. Sometimes I’ll just have half a wrap, depending on what I want on it, but in time I should be able to have at least 40-60 carbs a day– then I’ll celebrate with some home-made sweet potato fries!

ADDING MORE! CHOC ZERO is a great company! We have now tried their KETO BARK! We got ours from Amazon and was thrilled to discover how yummy it is! This great Chocolate Bark does have 15 carbs in one oz, but also 13 gr of fiber so for those of you who care, you only add 2 gr. carbs per oz. WOW!! For a number of reasons I don’t do net, so I’ll just have a very small piece once in awhile and order more choc squares.

MOON CHEESE by nutraDRIED, is now our favorite baked cheese snack- several flavors including our much loved pepper jack, and guess what! I love the Gouda one the most- YUM.

DARK CHOCOLATE BITES by HAIL MERRY are yummy. 11 g for two, so 4 carbs net for one. YUM!! 

THE TRUCK DELIVERED AGAIN! This time we got Monk fruit sweetener and MCT powder. We chose this particular powder because it is pure and they have put prebiotic fiber in it- something my Naturopath said I needed more of. Sooo this morning my coffee had these two blended into it but I got too much sweetener– Monk fruit is much sweeter than my stevia, so I will need to use only half the amount I’ve been using!! I only put about 1 tsp. of the MCT powder in but I would’ve thought I had added a big scoop of protein powder– WOW– MY HUNGER IS GONE- TOTALLY GONE!! No doubt in the future I will be getting more of this!

Since I LOVE Granola and found this– WOW!! So delicious and healthy!! Great company! I will be getting more and recommend it to everyone!! ProGranola 12g Protein Cereal Vanilla Cinn (Paleo : Low Net Carb : Gluten Free : Grain Free) (45 Servings) (3 Pack)

Through a friend I have now discovered Dr. Ken D. Berry and he has given me permission to share the things he has researched and recommends. Like myself, he sells nothing but does tell us what he recommends. You may ask him questions and he will get back to you! Here is a link to some of the questions he has addressed.

THE BOTTOM LINE… If anyone thinks eating a healthy diet has to be something they wish to avoid- would be boring, not allow them to enjoy their favorite foods and snacks, then they are not understanding the difference between healthy foods, junk foods and all the variety that is possible.



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