WHAT Is Keto Flu- Can We Prevent It From Happening?

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Keto flu is a real thing, and often happens when you drastically and suddenly remove carbs from your diet. Also known as the ‘carb flu,’ the keto flu is a natural reaction (almost like a feeling of withdrawal) your body undergoes when switching from burning glucose (sugar) as energy to burning fat instead… and YES! we believe you can certainly avoid this unpleasant thing from happening!

We believe that our bodies are usually smart enough to know what they need. When we take in fake and artificial ‘foods’, if our body doesn’t recognize the ingredients and has no use for them, they are often stored in fat cells in order to keep us safe. We also believe that unless a team of Doctors inform you that you will die within a month unless you immediately start and maintain a keto diet, that you should be kind to your body- treat it well and be gentle, making important changes that will help it, but at a pace that is comfortable for both you and your body.

IF YOU HAVE A FAMILY, it is very possible that everyone’s body is different to the point that they don’t all require the same strict diet as you or other family members. For this reason, let’s start with everyone beginning to eat a chemical-free diet- natural, simple, delicious- something EVERYONE, even baby, can enjoy and also benefit from! As you shop for foods, get your fresh produce from the organic section and make sure your dairy is real and high fat. At this point, please read my EAT HEALTHY! page. That page will give you many options for eating right for your own body and direct you to other helpful pages as well.

As your family begins to eat chemical-free and take in good healthy fats, it may be that some can enjoy the many great foods provided us through Mother Nature, some may wish to learn and follow a Paleo diet or even a combination of Paleo and Keto, (we recommend this page for further information), while others may need to eat a variety low carb diet (usually between 50-150 carbs a day). Then there are people like myself who, for reasons we don’t fully understand, need a keto diet of almost zero to only about 40-50 carbs a day. I know this will take some time and hopefully this special diet will allow my body to heal itself to the point that I can once more eat all the great foods God has blessed us with.

THE BOTTOM LINE… No need to shock your body by switching over to KETO overnight!

1st- Switch to chemical-free eating as quickly as possible. Your body won’t object to having a different brand of bread and cookies- those without chemicals, nor will it object to any chemical-free sweeteners you give it.

2nd- As soon as you’re eating a chemical-free diet, you may begin to lower your carb intake. How low you go should depend on your own body, not something you read or heard somewhere.

JUST REMEMBER… GOD made our body and He also made good natural foods for us to nourish it with. I believe we should be able to eat all the foods God provided- if He didn’t want us to have them, He would not have created them. YES, we do have some problems in this area and we have also been given a number of solutions for those problems. THEREFORE choose wisely.

You are always free to choose, but you are never free from the consequences of your choice!



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