The Keto Diet Simplified

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I was going to title this article ‘Keto Made Easy’, but when I went for images to go with this awesome title– WOW!!! There are books with that name, guides with that name, recipes– you name it and someone is already using that title to talk about something they believe in and want you to know! There is MUCH information and many suggestions out there. WHY??? Well folks, I believe it is because this awesome way of eating for our good health is working for many and has hurt no one. Yes, there are some who put it down, but none who have proven it is in any way harmful, so if someone tells you it is bad for you, do ask them to give you a copy of the study that proves it.

In checking out information on Keto, we discovered not only is there mountains of info– much of it is different! There are companies and people who want to profit from it, so they offer things for you to buy… just Google it and you will be amazed!


I recently had occasion one Saturday to visit a Clinic for a ‘bug’ that was attacking me. I thought perhaps my vitamins were no longer working, so I was concerned. Both this doctor and the nurse checked me over and talked with me about the foods I eat. This is the first time I can recall having a medical doctor discuss foods and the fact they consider flour and sugar to be chemicals because their properties are changed through processing, and I know it is the first time a doctor has told me face to face that I should eat keto because it would help me the most. When my visit was over and I had been assured my vitamins were doing their job- my immune system was very strong and fighting hard for me, the last thing this doctor said was– ‘keep taking your live vitamins, eat a chemical-free keto diet, and you’ll be just fine– if not then you will need to come back.’ Well folks, I am just fine now- my chest doesn’t hurt and that nasty cough is gone!

SO, FOLKS… just how simple is it and why don’t you have to buy anything special? The first thing you need to do is begin eating a chemical-free diet as much as possible and as quickly as you can. Begin shopping in the organic section and stop buying highly processed foods that are loaded with flour and sugars. It is much easier than you might think, just read through my EAT HEALTHY! page if you need some guidance with this.                                                        Image result for chemical-free food images

You can go chemical-free very quickly and without the side effects many say you must suffer when first beginning a keto way of eating, because your body won’t care what brand of bread, butter, dairy, cookies, pasta, chocolate or sweetener you have just as long as it tastes good, is filling, and eliminates your hunger. As soon as  you are eating chemical-free, you may begin to lower your carbs to the recommended 20 per day or less. That means you will stop buying high carb foods even though they are good natural healthy chemical-free foods. Eating Keto is easy- a lot of natural saturated fat, some protein and VERY FEW CARBS. You will be delighted to discover there are NO CARBS in your fats, NO CARBS in most meats, VERY FEW CARBS in cheeses and only half a carb in an egg, so have two, it only adds ONE CARB!

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I have done other articles on this that you might find interesting and helpful, and know you will surely be a little surprised and very pleased at how easy it is to switch from what you currently eat to chemical-free keto. 



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