There Are Exceptions To Every Rule…

You may see how I prefer to eat and supplement on this page. However, to be fair to everyone, I do try a variety of things and recommend those I feel are good in taste as well as nutrition. Therefore, when this came to my attention I ordered some…

I have the samples now. The taste is just fine and they are VERY filling- that is really a great thing. If you would like to check them out, this is their website.

Is this an exception to everything I share on my EAT HEALTHY! page and if so, WHY?? The instructions call for this to be very cold- like a milkshake, but this is winter here now– think I’ll experiment- make it hot- I’ll let you know how it comes out… YUCK! I made it with 2 cups of hot coffee, some coconut oil and a packet of their COOKIES & CREAM– was it the vitamins they put into it? I went to the frig, added 2 cups of Almond/Coconut milk from SILK, along with some stevia– Ahhh- much better! Won’t be making it hot again, but having it room temp or slightly cool will be just fine– very filling, so I still have a half blender full for later! YUM! After checking it out, I believe it can be not just used as directed, but used as a main ingredient in smoothies.

Yes, this seems to be a truly great thing for very busy people, those who don’t take vitamins and those who don’t mind having sucralose in some of the flavors, but now that I’ve tried this, I still prefer the way I eat and drink, taking the vitamins my doctor says I should have and enjoying the  great variety of foods and, yes- bars– have you tried a good fats bar yet? I have and ‘love good fats’ are indeed ‘ridiculously delicious’. Some of their ingredients are questionable though, so since I don’t want to ‘kill my Keto’, I won’t order more.

THE BOTTOM LINE– Experiment as much and as often as you like– or just follow my EAT HEALTHY! page since I’ve already done a lot of that!


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