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Means different things to different people.

Many seem to think that eating healthy would be very expensive, require lots of shopping and cooking time, and worst of all they doubt it would taste nearly as good as the foods they are accustomed to eating. This of course isn’t true, but they can’t know something they haven’t been taught or haven’t tasted. I’ve discovered that even though some of my foods cost more, the fact my hunger is so much less and I therefore eat less, means our grocery bill has actually gone down! Also we’ve discovered that eating chemical-free actually tastes better!

Some folks eat everything. Some are vegetarian and avoid all meat. Others are vegan, eating only fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains- avoiding even the dairy products. I am not writing this blog in an attempt to change whatever you believe about the natural foods God has given us through Mother Nature. I am only here to help you understand the difference between what He has made and what man has changed it into, discovering how good it tastes to leave all the chemicals out and how your health improves with that one omission.

I have a motto- If God made it, I will eat it, but if man made it, I’ll have to think about it and then most likely I won’t.

There is a blessing here. As more and more people eat chemical-free, some companies are changing their ingredients and other companies are beginning to give us chemical-free packaged goodies. WE MUST READ INGREDIENT LABELS, but it is worth it in the end!

In checking the foods most people consume, we’ve discovered the ingredients of those yummy meals and snacks include among other things, sugar, dextrose, sucralose, fructose, high fructose corn syrup, agave, sugar alcohols, bleached flour, canola, soybean oil, corn oil, margarine, soy protein, preservatives, natural flavor, MSG, BHT, and other things as well- things that were made by man through changing things provided by Mother Nature- WOW! No wonder so many people gain weight and become ill over time! We’ve gotten away from the healthy foods nature provides and bought into the myth that man can, and should, change things and tell us it has now been made better and improved upon! Does man really and truly believe Mother Nature did an inferior job on our food, and it needs to be changed? The things we’re asking you to leave out of your daily diet are all considered chemicals by the healthy food industry, because when these food ingredients are processed, it removes much of their nutrients and changes their properties. The result is an ingredient that is often toxic to our system, resulting in fat and/or disease when consumed.

Please remember– all “diet” food is chemically processed and  made from super refined ingredients that often contain excessive sodium levels, as well as artificial colors and flavors to make it taste good. Don’t ever forget,  ARTIFICIAL anything is  NOT real food! Although the FDA says that all these added chemicals are safe to eat, you might want to take their advice with a grain of salt. After all, don’t they also tell you that sugar and vegetable oils are safe to eat? (Not to mention GMO’s and fast food!)

There have been many studies that show that these additives, for some people, can actually be addicting. They feed that “feel good” part in your brain, similar to cocaine! That actually makes sense because if you become addicted to these foods, the companies making them are certain to make a lot of money, aren’t they?

In order to help you in the best way we can, we will take this one step at a time, and the foods we suggest will be ones we use in our own daily diet with delicious success. We began eating this way in recent years, and I am rarely hungry, a little bit of food is all I need, and best of all, I’ve had 3 doctors check me out and tell me I am very healthy for a woman my age and that if everyone ate the way I do, hospitals wouldn’t have nearly so many people in them and cancer would be very rare indeed. I think I’m most proud of the fact I lowered my cholesterol on a high fat, low carb diet- no drugs needed, thank you.

Oh- one more thing– I have thought I’m a very unusual person because I am carbohydrate intolerant. Turns out there are thousands of us, so I’ve now written several articles to address this issue. Perhaps you will find this to be of interest and even helpful. Who needs a Keto way of eating?      


FIRST– Go through your cupboards, pantry and frig, tossing everything that contains sugar of any kind, and that includes agave (anything ending in ‘ose’ is a sugar). Also toss all artificial sweeteners, and that includes erythritol and any other sugar alcohols you may encounter. The only sweeteners you should use are the natural ones Mother Nature provides in our fields and gardens. Pure raw honey, pure maple syrup, organic cane juice, Monk fruit, yacon syrup, pure organic stevia- if God provides it through nature, eat it. If man played with it and changed it, telling you it is now better, DON’T EAT IT! We believe man does not know more than his creator! Toss everything made with wheat and corn (sad as it is, corn is now mostly GMO and we want nothing GMO- let others be guinea pigs for that new man-made technology.)  At this point we wish to share with you some terrible news we very recently learned concerning our wheat crops here in the USA. It is so very important that I put the article here in my blog and want you to read it now!! That being a proven fact, if you don’t want a gluten-free flour or flour product, you can get wonderful Einkorn wheat products from Italy- right here in America! We’ve gotten their pasta, crackers and cookies- love them all! Visit their website here.

At this point, I wish to make a suggestion. My husband dearly loves corn (don’t we all?) and from time to time buys corn on the cob- YUM! We both feel badly about it being ruined, but are willing to enjoy an ear once in a while because we put a few drops of zeolite in our coffee every morning (that mineral is tasteless). Since zeolite removes toxins, we think we should be okay. I VERY STRONGLY SUGGEST IF YOU WANT TO EAT GMO FOODS, YOU DON’T DO IT OFTEN AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ZEOLITE, MAKING IT A PRIORITY THROUGHOUT YOUR DAY! Don’t know where to get it? Visit our Supplements?! page.

Remove everything that contains soy except the soy sauce. It’s fermented and just fine for us. Other than that, DON’T use soybeans, soy protein, soy chips of any kind or soy oils. WHY? Please read this article. Toss your canola oil- it is the very worst one you can use. Also toss corn and vegetable oils along with any margarine’s you may have. Most natural flavorings are just fine, but toss any food that has ‘natural flavor’ in the ingredient list.

DID I HEAR YOU SAY- Hey! now I have nothing left and absolutely cannot afford to go shopping to replace these things?

If that is the case, then keep and eat the no-no’s, but as you need to buy more, replace them with the things we’re about to share with you here.

NEXT– Make a list that contains all the great, yummy, and most of all healthy things you will be wanting. With this list, you will be able to make decisions for meals and snacks before you go shopping– OH- DID YOU ASK WHERE YOU CAN SHOP? We have been going mostly to Fred Meyer and Trader Joe’s, but you should shop in any store near you that provides what you’re looking for. Recently someone told us we can shop on Amazon, so we did and are VERY EXCITED about it! Amazon makes shopping VERY EASY. They have the things we got at our other stores and MORE! I LOVE we can shop from home, saving gas, parking, time- YES! I go straight to the Natural & Organic Section, put what I’m looking for into the search engine on the top of the page and study the options to my heart’s content. As I share my favorite brands with you, I will provide links to their web sites so you can see the wide variety they offer. Then if you check all the price options, you can decide between their site, your local store, or Amazon. When buying what is now our very favorite peanut butter, we saw we needed to buy 6 through Amazon, but Freddies had it on the shelf for a one-at-a-time purchase. Whatever works best for you is the way to go.

Always, if possible- and this is getting more and more important all the time, get organic fruits and vegetables as well as meats that are from grass-fed, range-free and wild caught sources. Use whole milk, cream and sour cream. (Remember, saturated fats are good, trans fats are bad.) Get real butter and cheese. You will probably want oil for frying, and there are a number of good ones you can choose from. Organic cold pressed macadamia nut oil and organic cold pressed avocado oil work well for all temps and fry and bake well. 100% Safflower Oil works for high heat, Organic Sesame oil for medium heat, and Organic Virgin Coconut Oil will work for everything you need an oil for and is a must if you want a Bulletproof coffee or tea.

Speaking of Bulletproof drinks and coconut oil– sadly many companies are trying to make money on this in a number of ways, so you will hear a great many ‘facts’ that may or may not be true. After much research I’ve realized that the dairy and coconut industries are very much alike in that both milk from cows and coconuts from trees are sold in their original state and also divided up into their various parts. That is why we have not only whole milk, but skim milk, cream and even butter- all a part of a healthy milk. Then we have the coconut- divided up into coconut water, shredded coconut and the latest thing– MCT oil which is not the total oil of the coconut, but the part most useful for those on a ketogenic diet. Now there is a MCT powder to help those who travel do so without missing this most important fat in their diet. Again- beware of those selling this product to which they have added unwanted ingredients- usually chemicals. I did a search and found a number of MCT powders that I WILL NOT purchase. Since I never recommend things I haven’t actually tried myself, I am going to get one that seems to be just what many want and need– I’ll let you know how that works out once I’ve tried it…. LATER– I love this and can now recommend it!

We really like the Sunflower and also the Coconut spray oils. They will cook on high, whether in the fry pan or the oven. You will no doubt want some extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil or organic cold pressed macadamia nut oil (we recommend MacNut brand) for anything cold- yummy on your fresh tossed salad and making your own mayonnaise (if you don’t want to make your own mayo, there are healthy ones you can purchase and after shopping around and tasting, we’ve chosen one from Primal Kitchen made with avocado oil that is soy and canola free, made with cage-free eggs and is also sugar-free). Your choice- just read labels and get good ingredients. Greek Yogurt can be healthy- we like Chobani with fruit. They only use natural ingredients. We often mix it into some cottage cheese for a yummy & quick breakfast or lunch.

When choosing pasta’s, there is one called Skinny Dip and are shirataki noodles. You’ll find their website here. They add to your meal while having zero calories or carbs, but don’t cook up really soft, so some people prefer a gluten-free pasta or noodle of their choice or the Einkorn pasta or noodles you’ll find on their website. 

THANKS to a family member who is into eating healthy and came across this wheat product from Italy, we are thrilled to share it with you here- we read about it, ordered some (the cookies are yummy) and we can recommend it to all our readers! So- if you want to bake with wheat flour but not get the side affects from the processed flour we all grew up with, this is probably for you. Do enjoy their very informative website! They have a variety in their products, both gluten free and the ones made with their organic wheat flour that contains no poisons- we’ve enjoyed both and got no hunger side effects from the wheat ones- check out our favorite cookies from them here- gluten free cookies, or Einkorn wheat cookies. Oh- we also enjoyed their spaghetti and noodles! It is so exciting to see companies getting on board with healthy eating and providing good whole food without chemicals for our enjoyment. If you know someone who thinks they need to diet from time to time and be sick sometimes, please share this page with them. They’ll be glad you did!

If you want to bake, then you will need to get some raw cane sugar (or other of your choice- coconut sugar?), Monk Fruit, some stevia (we’ve found SweetLeaf to be the best for taste and small amount required), and some type of flour. By getting all natural and chemical-free ingredients, you will be able to keep and enjoy many of your very special recipes from the past and they should continue to be very tasty just as they always were. We got some Pamela’s Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix because it sounded perfect for us and really like it- makes great waffles too! We will be trying Nutiva Organic Coconut Flour soon in order to enjoy some awesome recipes we’ve been given and now that we are aware of Einkorn flour, we can’t wait to get some the next time we want wheat flour! Our favorite recipes don’t have to be tossed, we just have to use a different brand of flour, sugar and oil than we have in the past. As we guide you through the things to leave out of your daily diet and share with you what you should include, you will no doubt notice that healthy eating doesn’t mean you can’t eat your favorite foods, it just means you need to change your brands, always paying attention to the ingredients in the foods you consume. Your breads should be Ezekiel 4:9 (or a different brand that makes the same thing) and they have great selections from which to choose, including  English Muffins, cereals, pasta, tortilla’s and croutons. We love the sesame bread, but they’re all good. People living in the Pacific NW may consider Rainier Organic Bakery as well– hubby brought home some Sasquatch Grain and Seed Bread from the Rainier Bakery and I think I like it even better than the sesame one- they’re all so very good!! These are only gluten-free because they are sprouted, so be careful to get these, not something made with wheat flour of any kind (unless it is Einkorn, then go for it). If you like wraps, we’ve discovered some good ones- tried the Spinach ones and can recommend them- tried the coconut wraps and really like these- YUM! Like gravy? Road’s End has good ones. We love the Shiitake Mushroom one and the Delicious Golden will adapt to almost anything. We use a lot of Taco Seasoning and discovered Bearitos makes the best- important because we love tacos and usually put the mixture into a baked potato resting on a bit of green salad instead of a tortilla, or sometimes, just salad- no potato, then pile on the chopped up tomatoes, onions, olives, sour cream, shredded cheddar, hot sauce- our very favorite way to have a yummy taco dinner! We were thrilled to discover Peanut Butter & Co! They offer several kinds and of course we had to get ‘The Bee’s Knees’ and ‘Dark Chocolate Dreams’. Their peanut butters are not only made with good ingredients and tasty, they usually DO NOT have to be stirred! Almost too good to be true! We will be eating a lot of their peanut butters! As I cruised through their magnificent website I discovered a lot of things I want to try, but also noticed some of their things contain sugar, so I won’t get those, but they do have wonderful strawberry jam (PB&J, anyone?), grape jelly, apricot and raspberry preserves that are made with only the ingredients we look for, so some will soon be on the way. I don’t usually go for jams and jellies, but hubby does, so more spoiling is in order- I do have a cute, adorable and most helpful husband-man.

If you don’t have a water filter, you will want to buy water, but watch the packaging. Some companies put their wonderful water in a paper-thin plastic bottle that is impossible to open without the water coming out. You will then have wet clothes, table, floor… unless you ask a friend to open it for you… (in this case my husband- sorry dear), then you will be dry but have a wet friend!  ALWAYS drink lots of water!

SPEAKING OF WATER- It has been highly recommended from my Naturopath and other sources that we include GREEN TEA in our healthy lifestyle, so now I refer you to the ARTICLE I wrote to share this exciting news!

Let’s close this subject with a word to those who’ve heard they should STOP DRINKING CARBONATED BEVERAGES— Really?

FD- 1 drinksodaMany have- say they’ve lost a lot of weight even the first week and don’t miss having soda’s. Then there are those who really want to have a carbonated drink– for a number of reasons many really enjoy this, so for them we did a study and taste test. We can recommend Zevia and you can get it in a case of 24 with 12 different flavors or just a pack with only one flavor. If your local store doesn’t carry these, Amazon has them and we love shopping Amazon! Sooo- switch your current tasty soda for these tasty ones and lose a bit more weight! Yes- no need to suffer a diet you don’t like- just eat and drink healthy chemical-free foods and drinks. Your excess weight will begin to ‘magically’ disappear!

SNACKS & SMOOTHIES, TOO! Yes, everyone loves snacks and there are lots of them available. First let me share protein powders. If you love making smoothies or any drink or food that you want to add protein powder to, make sure it is a whey protein, and if possible get grass-fed whey protein powder. Those drinks and foods satisfy because when we’re hungry, protein and fat will take away the hunger for hours– BREAKING NEWS- We’ve now learned that if you are eating meat, you actually don’t need to have a protein powder, and as long as you’re getting lots of good saturated fats you won’t be hungry! Vegetarians can check out whey protein at your local stores or choose a good one from Purity or Amazon- they have several to choose from. Speaking of smoothies- we can recommend those from Rockin’Wellness and also Purity that are wonderful. For those who love coffee and would like to enjoy it as a Bulletproof coffee smoothie, we have a great recipe on our Yummy & Healthy Smoothies page. Recently we have begun hearing a lot about fat bombs! They are mostly (but certainly not totally) enjoyed by those eating a Keto or low carb diet and there are 3 main basic ingredients in them- healthy fat, usually coconut oil- flavoring, often vanilla or chocolate- and texture, often peanut butter but seeds, nuts and coconut are also used. You will see a lot of ‘recommended’ fat bomb recipes but be careful which ones you choose to make since many contain bad ingredients that are artificial and will only hurt you in the long run.  


Paleo seems to provide a lot of great ideas and speaking of seeds- Wild Mountain has a web site of their products and you can get the very popular, tasty, low carb Pili nuts from them and Amazon too!

If you only remember one thing from this page, do remember that protein, healthy fats and low carbs are the key to not being constantly hungry and must be consumed WITHOUT CHEMICALS. Leaving chemicals out of your diet and including lots of healthy fat along with some protein will do wonders for your health and figure!

SPEAKING OF CHEMICALS… You really should know what we’ve been learning about MICROWAVES. Several articles are available on that page and here is one moreImage result for Microwave images  Even though “official” releases have stated that microwave ovens are safe to use, researchers have uncovered evidence which shows many reasons why you should be concerned about having a microwave in your home. 8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Eat Microwave Food.

Mrs May’s had a wonderful web site full of awesome snacks, but is now asking us to see her products elsewhere so we have gotten ours from Costco and Amazon- we love all 4 of her Trio Bars and will soon order some of her other goodies as well. LÄRABAR® is a delicious blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts and spices. Made from whole food, each totally delicious flavor contains only two to nine ingredients. Pure and simple, just as nature intended- and they have a very nice web site you can cruise through, order from, or just get ideas for when you see them at your favorite grocery. RISE bars are another favorite of mine and they can be found at many stores, but they also sport an awesome and easy to navigate web site. We have recently discovered another wonderful, healthy and yummy bar– Coconut Date Pottentia Protein Bar— YES! 20g protein and 13g of fiber. KETO BARK from CHOC ZERO is super yummy as in fact are ALL their chocolate snacks! If you have access to bulk foods in the stores you shop, check the ingredients to make sure they are all the healthy things we look for, then you may wish to do what we enjoy. When we are shopping Freddies, we LOVE the dark chocolate peanut butter malt balls. They also have dark chocolate covered raisins and almonds. These treats are super yummy and healthy because they don’t use processed sugar or stevia, but dried cane juice. We choose the ones we want and then get the bulk nuts we prefer, (slightly roasted or raw), then when home, we can mix everything together for a yummy trail mix or put them in separate dishes on our coffee table for occasional snacking. If you are a chocolate lover- as I am, you may enjoy checking out the variety of chocolate goodies that Paleo offers. We have now discovered another web site that we are totally in love with- ramio!  Their chocolate is fabulous- at least we think so! If you like chips & dip for TV watching, there are good potato and also veggie chips, that are just the vegetable and sea salt- so yummy, crunchy, and healthy too. My husband makes a super-yummy, super easy & quick-to-make bean dip– just take a can of refried beans and mix your favorite healthy salsa into it until it is the consistency you would like. Dot the top with spoonfuls of sour cream and sprinkle with shredded cheese– very yummy and loved by all our guests at game time in front of the TV!

OK– LET’S EAT!! Now that you have the basics for healthy eating, let’s do some QUICK ‘N EASY… in our busy world of work, school and other activities, we often don’t have time to cook a big nutritious meal, but that doesn’t mean you have to give them up. I will list here, some food combinations I feel are especially great for a quick Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. From these easy to make ‘mini-meals’, choose what sounds good to you, then create, changing some things if you like, and enjoy. Don’t be afraid to experiment with foods and combinations you may prefer. Just make sure the ingredients are all things you should consume. I really cannot stress enough that the chemical ingredients we LEAVE OUT of our daily diet is the most important and helpful thing we can do for success. That fact is what keeps us healthy- and yes- slim & trim.

I should mention here that if you sometimes get a cold or flu, you are either taking the wrong vitamins, or none at all. The right vitamins will include sun-ripened fruits and veggies. They will keep you well and free of flu and colds. A number of companies provide these, and if you wonder what we take, it is Purity. If you need to change your brand and want to try ours, go to our Supplements?! page and order the way we do. It will cost you less than ordering from their web site, although you may want to cruise their site to see everything they have to offer- then call the number and Jason will take good care of you. Good, complete vitamins are important to make sure we get everything we need since most of our fruits and vegetables are picked green and we don’t always get enough variety. Also I should mention here that I have found fruit in the morning and a salad at lunch or dinner, keeps my bowels in great working order. Since eating that way I’ve not needed to have a laxative on hand.

No time at all? Grab a few healthy tasty bars from your snack cupboard, drop them into your bag or pocket, then run. Those goodies will be ready when you are.


STARTING YOUR DAY with coffee, tea, or smoothie?

CHECK out this page!… If you’re going to have a bulletproof drink, this may be of interest to you– Bulletproof. Just know that you must not use Bulletproof coffee as a total meal replacement for a long period of time just because you’re losing a lot of unwanted weight, unless you’re also supplementing with good, live vitamins. Bulletproof coffee that contains a scoop of whey protein is very filling, so this may be tempting, but you should eat a good chemical-free meal once a day- or at least 2-3 times a week, so your body won’t be missing out on important nutrients, protein and vitamins that it needs.

Choose a fruit, protein, and/or grain…

  1. Orange, then a cereal (Ezekiel 4:9, or ProGranola is great!). Put milk or cream in the cereal and a bit of stevia or yacon syrup if desired- or, skip the orange and put fruit or berries on top of the cereal. OR–
  2. Make toast with your favorite Ezekiel 4:9 bread and spread your favorite topping on it- butter, peanut butter, cream cheese- you decide. Want to try something new? Toast your bread (Cinnamon raisin?), spread Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter on it, then slice a banana on top- sinfully delicious! Mmmmm… OR–
  3. Make a chocolate or vanilla smoothie with your protein powder and enjoy it with a yummy breakfast rise bara couple of great Einkorn cookies of your choice or a yummy healthy fat bomb.


Choose soup, salad, or sandwich…

  1. Soup (Cafe Chicken Noodle, Amy’s Chunky Vegetable, Amy’s Split Pea, Sea Fare Pacific Smoked Salmon Chowder– there is a large selection of wonderful soups on Amazon to choose from) & Crunchmaster crackers! OR–
  2. Fresh salad greens, sliced veggies and mushrooms- all make it easy to have a wonderful salad in just a minute. Top it with crumbled feta and Oscar Mayer Real Bacon Bits! OR–
  3. Using Ezekiel 4:9 bread or your favorite healthy wrap-spinach, coconut,   carrot, tomato- and your favorite spreads and fillings, you can make a wide variety of yummy sandwiches. How about a really big, delicious and filling sandwich that starts with butter, your own homemade mayo or other healthy mayo on your bread, then some lettuce, then one or two meats (your choice), real cheese slices of your choice, perhaps tomato and purple onion slices, and then the other slice of bread spread with butter or mayo- now that you’ve made a Dagwood sandwich, enjoy it with olives and/or baby dills- YUM!


Choose salad greens, protein, and starch…

  1. Minute rice is quick & delicious- make it in a saucepan (takes only 5 minutes) and just before it’s done, add some fresh frozen peas & carrots, some chunks of ham or chicken or tuna- whatever you think sounds good, stir in Road’s End Shiitake Mushroom gravy and enjoy an instant ‘casserole’ in a pan! OR–
  2. Make a toasted cheese sandwich with your favorite Ezekiel 4:9 bread and real cheddar cheese. Enjoy it with Amy’s Cream of Tomato soup. OR–
  3. My favorite- a huge dinner salad. Start with a base of greens, then make it into a Chef salad, Cobb salad, or Shrimp salad- it should have your salad veggies (I love to include raw cauliflower and sugar snap peas, as well as purple onion and fresh pepper slices- all 4 colors are delicious), meats, cheeses, and do garnish it with sliced eggs and avocados- oh, don’t forget the black and/or green olives!

Since no dinner is complete without dessert, grab 2 or 3 chocolate peanut butter malt balls or your favorite homemade N0-Bake Energy Bites while you watch the evening news.

If you are trying to lose weight painlessly and safely while switching from ‘bad’ to ‘good’ foods, you may wish for a ‘diet aid’ that will help, and we believe you will find what you need on OUR ONE DAY DIET- YUM, page. This page should also prove helpful to those who are considering a keto diet. Since we have discovered the filling effect of whey protein and coconut oil in drinks and food, you only need to take a good live vitamin along with your choice of healthy things to eat and drink and you will soon discover the days of yo-yo dieting are over and you will be healthy, slim and trim for life- how great is that! Do check out FAT BOMBS! They will eliminate your need to purchase commercial products that kill hunger!

SPEAKING OF DIET AIDS… I’ve completed my study of these things and have the answer I need for myself and believe would it would no doubt work for you as well. I am carbohydrate intolerant and it has come to my attention that there are actually thousands of people who have this problem, therefore I will share here what is now helping me. I have adopted a Ketogenic way of eating- very high fat, some protein and very low carb- not more than 15 a day for me at the moment, but in time I hope to be able to have at least 40. Two of my articles might help you here… KetoForYou? and Keto Foods- I start my day with coffee- yes, with sweetener and cream. Next I have an 8-12 oz Bulletproof coffee, then eggs & bacon or an omelet. OR- Instead of the 8-12 oz bulletproof coffee and breakfast, I have a 16-oz Bulletproof smoothie- usually just add a scoop or two of whey protein powder to my bulletproof coffee. That really kills my hunger, so I will just have a small snack between the breakfast drink and dinner. Wish I’d known about this years ago! Also for those wondering if I count calories- NO!!! Studies are now out that show what I discovered myself years ago- calories only count if they are from carbs. A big steak with a lot of natural (saturated) fat will not make anyone fat, but that same amount of calories in a starch (bread, potatoes, rice), will. I’ve now had three doctors tell me to ignore calories and just count carbs and guess what- it works! While on the subject of carbs, I learned back in the 60’s and 70’s from Dr. Atkins how this works best. When losing weight, most folks can do it on 60 carbs a day or less. However for some that is too many, so they should possibly consider starting with 10 a day for the first week and as long as their test strip is purple, increase it by 5, making it 15, and do that for a week, then if still purple, do 20 for the following week.  Continue this pattern until they stop losing, at which point they back off 4-5 and use that number as a guide. In my case I could lose on 40, but 60 was too many. Once your excess weight is gone, you can increase your carbs about 5 and after a week if you’re still not gaining, increase by another 5. Continue this until you reach the point where you start to gain– back off 5 and use that number for your daily goal. After a while you probably won’t need to count carbs either, because eating chemical-free, high fat and low carb works so very well!

As I neared my goal weight, I stopped losing and struggled until I read an article by Craig Fear. He is good and I realized I’d gotten away from the way I need to eat for my body, so I got some Ketostix and began once more to turn my body into a fat burning instead of a fat storing machine. If you would like to see the article I wrote about it, here is the link.

I’m so very glad for doctors and nutritionists who can pinpoint our problems and supply answers that work well for us and I am very glad that Dr. Ken Berry has given his permission for me to share his many informative and helpful videos. As I work toward losing these last few pounds, there are times I do get a bit hungry, so those are the times I have something high in protein and fat- very possibly a bullet-proof drink with whey protein powder in it. Since proteins and fats are low- usually zero- in carbs and satisfy my hunger for hours at a time, that is most definitely the best way for me to achieve my success, and perhaps will work well for you, too.


If you take drugs for birth control or other medical problem, that is between you and your doctor. It is indeed your choice, but are you aware there are usually natural things you can do that will possibly work even better and have NO side effects as drugs often do? Please allow me to explain.

For years now, I’ve had some incontinence and a couple years back I asked my Naturopath if there was something short of surgery I could do. He sent me to the drug store for a box of Oxytrol patches. I knew it had to be a drug, but trusted my Naturopath to not give me anything that could be harmful to my body or have a bad side effect.

Fast forward to now– I am going to a Pain Institute- not for pain, because I have none, but for the numbness in my limbs caused by pinched nerves and my bad balance- also caused by problems in my spine, especially in my neck. They were giving me treatments for my Neuropathy and I was getting better– then BAM– suddenly my balance was all but gone and we wondered if a wheelchair was in my future. Then my husband asked if they knew about my patches– I had forgotten to mention them when asked about the supplements I take. These are Medical doctors, but have had a lot of training in natural medicine as well and are really into our achieving a healthy body. It was discovered that one of the side effects of that patch could be severe unsteadiness. They sent me back to my Naturopath to find a natural product I could use instead. My Naturopath said to get some Cranberry Plus. When back to the Medical doctors, I asked if they knew about the Cranberry thing and they said YES- and it is great- very glad your doctor suggested it. At that point I asked why they hadn’t said anything and was told they couldn’t because the AMA has laws in place that allows Medical doctors to prescribe only drugs to treat symptoms. They couldn’t tell me about it because it isn’t a drug. They agreed with us that it just wasn’t right, but it is the current law. I’m thrilled to report that my balance is starting to come back a little and I expect a wonderful recovery of my balance– some day, Lord willing, I will walk again- without my walker! I am also thrilled to report that the drugs going into me through the patch was keeping me from losing those last few pounds and once I removed that patch, my tummy began to shrink and almost overnight my hubby and I could see a difference. Some of my favorite tops are way too big now, so before too long a shopping trip for smaller sizes is in order!  OH– if you too, have this problem and want to get a cranberry supplement, DO READ THE LABELS- like other things, it is possible to get one that won’t work as well as it would if you got one with different ingredients. It should have at least 500 mg of cranberry, be organic and cold-pressed in order to have the fiber and vitamins of the actual fresh fruit.

ONE MORE THING– we have learned that fasting enables our body to heal itself, but it isn’t always possible for someone to fast for a month– GREAT NEWS HERE– we have noticed as I eat the Keto diet, that my incontinence is getting better and I am gaining more control- YAY!! I suggest if you have ANY health related problems, go KETO for awhile– it can’t hurt you in any way, but just could help solve a problem and even be the reason your doctor begins taking you off some meds…. how great is that!!

SOME ARE QUESTIONING OUR SUGGESTIONS and wonder how these things could possibly make a difference in their feelings of hunger and their ability to lose weight and avoid disease, especially diabetes. The way I understand it, our bodies need certain nutrients and when the supply runs low, our body requests more by making us hungry. When we eat the wrong foods, many of the ingredients– which have been changed and are now considered chemicals– actually make us more hungry and do not satisfy, but most of all, much of the nutrients our body is asking for is not in those foods- so we keep being hungry and eat until our body seems happy. Many ingredients, especially the chemicals, cannot be used by our body so they are stored in our fat cells. By the time we’ve eaten enough food with bad ingredients to satisfy for awhile, we’ve also added to our fat stores. The best, most loving thing we can do for our body, is leave off the ‘fake & artificial foods’ and feed it natural, healthy and nutritious foods that supply the nutrients it is asking for.

I hope this has been helpful to you. If you have questions, please do leave them in a comment or go to the ‘TALK To Us!’ page and shoot me an email. I will respond.

PS- VERY IMPORTANT! You will do most of your eating in this way, but on those rare occasions when dining out with others, don’t make a big deal of how you eat. Make good choices for yourself, but don’t be concerned about the ‘bad’ things you are asked to consume. NEVER ALLOW YOURSELF TO FEEL DEPRIVED! If you want spaghetti and meat balls with french bread, then birthday cake and ice-cream for dessert, do that. You won’t die. Your good vitamins will keep your immune system strong and if you’re putting a few drops of Zeolite in your daily coffee or tea, that will take out any toxins, so you should do well. When you’re back home, you can resume the new way you’re now eating and I know you will love it! 

You are always free to choose, but you are never free from the consequences of your choice!


READY FOR A CHUCKLE? One of our favorite Pastors, Dr. Ed Young, was talking to us one Sunday about taking good care of our bodies because they are the temple of God, then shared this delightful piece someone had given him. I in turn want to share it with you…

Somebody handed me something, trying to explain how tough it is to take care of this temple today, and uh, this is a little parable:

“In the beginning, God populated the earth with broccoli, and cauliflower, and spinach, and green, and yellow, and red vegetables of all kinds so that man and woman would live long, healthy lives.

Then, using God’s beautiful gifts, Satan created Blue Bell Ice Cream, and Krispy Cream! And Satan said, ‘You want chocolate with that?’ And man said, ‘Yes!’ And the woman said, ‘Give me chocolate with sprinkles!’ And lo, they gained 10 pounds. 

Then God created beautiful, healthy yogurt that woman might keep the figure that man found so Fair, and Satan brought forth white flour from wheat, and sugar from the cane, and combined them! And woman went from size 6 to size 14.

God then said, ‘I have sent you heart-healthy vegetables and olive oil in which to cook them.’ Satan brought forth deep-fried shrimp, and catfish, and chicken-fried steak so big, it had to have its own platter! And man gained more weight, and his cholesterol went through the roof!

Then God gave him lean beef, and chicken, and fish that man might consume fewer calories and still satisfy his appetite, and then Satan created McDonald’s, and Burger King, and the triple cheeseburger! And Lucifer said, ‘You want fries with that?’ And man replied, ‘Yes! And super-size them!’ And Satan said, ‘It is good!’ And man went into cardiac arrest!

God sighed and created quadruple bypass surgery, and Satan created the HMO’s.”


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17 Responses to EAT HEALTHY!

  1. Debbie Wagner says:

    Did your numbness relate at all with what is causing your thyroid condition? Do you have an auto immune?


  2. John Julius says:

    through my email


    • talknshare says:

      You were on my blog and can see any article you like. Also, you can request to be notified when a new article is published– I think that is probably at the bottom, but I don’t see it because I am the author.


  3. John Julius says:

    interested to receiving the articles


  4. Game Hack says:

    Can I simply just say what a relief to uncover an individual
    who really understands what they’re discussing on the net.
    You actually know how to bring an issue to light
    and make it important. More and more people really
    need to read this and understand this side of your story.
    I was surprised that you are not more popular since you surely have the gift.


    • talknshare says:

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m not more popular because since I sell nothing, I receive no money from this and it would cost some bucks for them to allow me to be found by more people. SAD. However, I do understand that every business needs to make money and am very grateful that WordPress, which I LOVE, allows me a space here in exchange for putting some ads of their choice on my site.


  5. m88 says:

    Howdy! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group?
    There’s a lot of folks that I think would really appreciate your content.

    Please let me know. Thank you


    • talknshare says:

      YES! You may share with anyone in any way you choose! My blog is free and I sell nothing- just share my own life experiences with those who care to know and if they too share my blog it will help even more than I can on my own. Together we can spread what works and help many to become much more healthy.


  6. get download says:

    Enjoyed examining this, very good stuff, thankyou . “Hereafter, in a better world than this, I shall desire more love and knowledge of you.” by William Shakespeare.


  7. Misty daughters says:

    This is a great post.


  8. raven says:

    Any suggestions on HIGH blood pressure? Palieo diet but that is really constricting.


  9. Alan says:

    What was the name of the natural hormone that you were taking for your thyroid?


    • talknshare says:

      The Hospital and my Naturopath provided it and I have no reason to believe my thyroid hormone has more than one name, however, the bottle says THYROID (ARMOUR) and MFG FOREST. I’ve looked these up and it is interesting. Apparently my doctor and naturopath were both right. These tablets are made both as a drug and a natural hormone. I choose natural.


  10. Alan says:

    Will eating healthy like you suggest help with thyroid trouble?


    • talknshare says:

      YES!! Although it helps your body get healthy, don’t expect instant healing for everything. Some things take time and this is one of them- at least it is for me. Some years ago I fell and broke my hip. When I was ready to leave the hospital they told me my thyroid wasn’t working, so they were giving me a prescription. My naturopath had moved out of my area, so I was looking for another one and didn’t want to take any drugs. I was told “no problem”. By law, no natural healing product can be given as a cure for anything, so things were added to the hormone I needed so it could be called a drug. The doctor said that when I had a new naturopath and needed a refill, he could give it to me and it would be the same thing the hospital gave me, but without the chemicals added that made it a drug. Sure enough– my new naturopath told me the same thing and is able to give me the hormone that my body isn’t making enough of. I was started out on a rather large amount, but now I only take 1.5 GR(90MG) of the thyroid hormone. I’ve got about 20 more pounds to lose and I’ve now added green tea and IC-5. In order to know how much more hormone my body needs, they do a blood test from time to time. I’m looking forward with excitement to next year, and wondering if I will be totally off the extra hormone- not that it really matters, because what I’m taking is natural and hasn’t been turned into a drug. 😉


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