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USE IT OR LOSE IT seems to be the message we should all listen to!

Before we get serious, let’s share a laugh, after all, laughter is not only good for the soul, it is a very healthy exercise. 

  1. If walking is good for your health, the Postman would be immortal.
  2. A whale swims all day, only eats fish, only drinks water and is fat.
  3. A rabbit only eats vegetables, runs and hops all day long and only lives 5 years.
  4. A tortoise doesn’t run and does nothing energetic, yet it lives for 450 years.

And YOU tell ME to exercise! I don’t think so.

The answer is as different as people are. There is no one answer that will fit everyone. I have used, and enjoyed, going to gyms. I have a re-bounder and an exercise bike in my home that I enjoy. Our park has a swimming pool. Yet at the moment I’m not using all the things available to me- my Doctor wrote a note for me to take to the gym in order to cancel my contract because I’ve been ordered not to exercise there for at least a year. I’m told NOT to jump because of my back- so stay off your re-bounder, but yes if you don’t JUMP on it, but just have a gentle up and down movement you can do that. I am encouraged to walk and told I should do it in a pool twice a week of possible. Is this really exercise?

I’m now reminded of an Aunt who had a heart attack and as she recovered, she was told she must get out and walk every day. That was when I learned that our heart is a great big muscle and needs exercise to keep strong and serve us well. We must use our muscles or over time they will lose much of their strength, and that can be very bad news for us, whether it’s our heart muscle or those in our arms and legs. ALL the muscles in our body must be moved regularly in order to keep them strong- and we do need strong muscles for the many things we do in life.

We don’t NEED a gym or exercise ‘toys’, but they can be fun and give us the incentive we need to move and use our muscles- and that, my friends, is what it’s all about. USE THEM OR LOSE THEM- WILL YOU?



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7 Responses to Exercise?!

  1. gold watches says:

    Hello, just wanted to tell you, I loved this post.

    It was funny. Keep on posting!


  2. I believe that avoiding prepared foods could be the first step to lose weight. They will taste great, but ready-made foods have got very little vitamins and minerals, making you try to eat more to have enough power to get throughout the day. For anyone who is constantly feeding on these foods, changing to cereals and other complex carbohydrates will let you have more vigor while having less. Interesting blog post.


  3. Hey! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone 4! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the great work!


  4. palfreyehlers says:

    Great post! I was on a great gm routine of 3-4 times per week for 45+ minutes of cardio and some weights. My dentist took my resting pulse at the time and told me I had the resting pulse of an athlete. For many reasons my gym attendance petered off and I have not been for six months and I’ve gained 20 pounds. I used to believe the gym was not necessary, not anymore. I will be starting back this week! 🙂


    • talknshare says:

      Congrats!! Some exercise is certainly necessary, but so is leaving out garbage foods. It’s having a balance in our life that works with our body, and that is primarily some exercise, and leaving out processed foods, which are mostly those with sugars and flours! Thanks for checking out my blog. More info will be going in as I have time!


  5. Is it alright to place part of this on my personal webpage if I submit a reference to this web page?


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