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We’ve been hearing more and more about people trying and liking a one day diet plan. It usually has an intermittent fasting feature which means eating is done during a limited window of time each day and water consumed the rest of the day.

Other than that the rules vary and after experimenting with it, we are pleased to offer a plan that works well for us and no doubt will work great for you too. If you are now following the way we suggest you eat on our EAT HEALTHY! page, you may already have everything you need for this special fat busting diet and you are ready to discover that losing excess weight can be easy, exciting, and of course yummy! If you don’t already have a WHEY PROTEIN POWDER (and you’ll only need it if you are a vegetarian) and some COCONUT OIL, that is probably all you will need to add to your current food supply, because eating this way is very satisfying and filling. When buying a protein powder, get grass-fed whey protein powder if at all possible, and if you have discovered the great live vitamins from Purity, you will be thrilled to know they now have three more exciting products to consider… a grass-fed whey protein powder, a meal replacement smoothie powder, and an organic protein smoothie powder. Some companies add unhealthy things to their protein powders, so it is important to read ingredient labels. We’ve discovered they are putting Dextrose in their protein powder, so we will not order that in the future, but do want to try the other two- they both contain several things our doctors have told us to include in our diet. The organic protein smoothie has only 5 gr. of carbs per serving and they both include coconut oil! One more thing- you may want to know why we recommend you not use your microwave unless you absolutely have to. Check out our page MICROWAVES Make Us Fat??  SPEAKING OF CARBS– we suggest you limit your carbs to 60 or less per day to start with, then if you want to have more, increase them by 5 a day and do that for a week. Repeat this until you stop losing, then decrease by 5 and use that as a goal. If 60 carbs a day are too many, just lower them until you are losing.

INTERMITTENT FASTING: This is where you send your body into fat-burning mode by eating your meals during a specific window of time during the day and just drinking water or even coffee or tea the rest of the day. Many are discovering the answer to losing weight and feeling better overall is not by dieting, but instead just skipping meals every once in a while. If you think about it, all of us “fast” every single day– we just call it sleeping, and when we wake we break that fast with a meal we call Breakfast. Makes sense doesn’t it? Intermittent fasting simply means extending that fasting period, and eating your meals within a limited time frame once a day.

Did I just hear someone say– NO WAY- I COULD NEVER EAT JUST ONCE A DAY- I’D STARVE TO DEATH- MY STOMACH WOULD HURT- I’D BE TOTALLY MISERABLE! YOU GOTTA BE CRAZY, LADY! The good news is YOU WILL NOT BE HUNGRY because even though you eat a full meal only once a day, the yummy drinks, shakes and smoothies you are allowed to consume the rest of your day will satisfy and fill you up very nicely. This is because when protein and fat is combined in a drink or meal, it takes away hunger for hours!

If you’ve not seen our Intermittent Fasting! and Yummy & Healthy Smoothies! pages, go ahead and check them out now. They will explain the things you will want to know as we guide you into our special version of the very popular ONE DAY DIET! Also the ‘Yummy & Healthy Smoothies!’ page has a great many fun and tasty recipes you are free to enjoy during the 6 or 7 hours you are eating.

This special diet is very flexible and can fit into just about any lifestyle.

  • YOU decide how often you want to do the One Day Diet.
  • YOU decide which meal will be the one you prefer and what time to eat.
  • YOU decide which foods to eat in your yummy meals.
  • YOU decide what ingredients will be in your smoothies.
  • YOU decide what extras to put into your Bulletproof coffee or tea.

Some prefer to start the day with coffee, juice and a nice big breakfast of– cereal? pancakes? waffles? omelet? whatever they would like, then when hunger strikes later- around lunchtime, have a large size bulletproof coffee that contains protein powder, probably a 16 or 24 oz. size. About 3 hours later another thick, yummy, smoothie of choice is had. Of course as much water, coffee and tea may be drunk throughout the whole day as desired. Always drink a lot of water.


For many, dinner is the ideal one meal to have and is one I have used with success when hubby is making us a wonderful evening meal– yes, many men love to cook and create, and no, they don’t all work as a chef in a restaurant.

BEFORE I share how I personally do this, it is important that you know you still need to follow any instructions you may have from your doctors and continue under their care if you are on any medications. The vitamins and zeolite I take are approved by my doctors and I suggest them if you’re looking for a good source, but certainly they are not necessary for your success.

MORNING–   I sometimes like to start with a hot Braggs vinegar drink containing Ceylon cinnamon. After that I have my first cup of coffee with cream and stevia. I also put 3-4 drops of zeolite in it (this mineral is tasteless). My second cup of coffee is a bulletproof one.

NOON– I love the ingredients in this Meal Replacement smoothie and it even contains grass-fed whey protein and coconut oil– how great is that! It comes in a choice of chocolate and vanilla, so this is a good choice for my 1st ‘meal’ of the day, but there are so many possibilities- do choose whatever you think sounds good to you- even if its more coffee made into a 24 oz bulletproof smoothie!

I like to take my vitamins with this smoothie ‘meal’.


ABOUT 3 HOURS LATER– Time for another yummy filling drink. The choice is all yours.

Have a lot of fresh fruits and or veggies? Turn them into a filling smoothie by putting them into your blender, adding a grass-fed whey protein powder and some coconut oil, then blend well and enjoy! OR– enjoy a smoothie mix that is quick, easy and nutritious like this one.




It would be pointless for us to give you instructions and menus for preparing your dinner, because we all enjoy a wide variety of different foods. What you do need to know is you should, as much as possible, eat chemical-free and stay at 60 carbs OR LESS for the day.  

We eat a lot of oven fried chicken, beef and hamburger. We also love tacos, but instead of putting that mixture in a taco shell, we really love putting it into a baked potato resting on a bit of lettuce- then pile on the chopped up onions, tomatoes, olives sour cream and shredded cheddar–oh, don’t forget the hot sauces! Mmmmm. For those on a Keto Diet, skip the baked potato and have it as a Taco Salad- yummy!


Again- it would be pointless to tell you what dessert to enjoy and how to make it, BUT- we can’t resist sharing this idea with you and if your family likes it, go ahead and enjoy a piece! Yes, it is healthy, but don’t tell your guests if they think your way of eating is not for them- they will never guess! Super Healthy Snickers Pie…   



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