WHY WOULD SUPPLEMENTS BENEFIT ME?  There are many reasons, the most important one being that most of us don’t eat right, so our foods don’t keep us healthy. In order to not get colds, flu, diabetes, cancer- any disease you can think of, we need to supplement our food with the vitamins and minerals our body needs to adequately keep our immune system strong enough to keep us free from disease, and those vitamins must contain sun-ripened fruits and veggies. There are a number of companies that provide these vital supplements, but if you’d rather not research and try, we would be pleased to recommend the ones we use for our own personal health and our doctors approve of.

The TWO items you can trust to keep you well, are Perfect Multi Super Greens and Zeolite (this one removes toxins and if you already have cancer, it removes those bad cells too). Also we have discovered Dr. Ken Berry MD and highly recommend him as a great source of helpful information. Here is one of his short and helpful videos on supplements. 

Click on each item below for more information- and it is at this point that I need to clarify some misconceptions. Some of you have clicked for more info and said you can’t afford these. That is because you didn’t come back here, call the special number and tell them Jeannie James sent you. When this company discovered we recommend them, they provided a ‘reward’. We don’t benefit, but our readers do when they order as instructed below.

Also, I should point out that many companies suggest a daily amount that is more than some people need, and your needs will depend on how healthy you are. For example- the Perfect Multi Super Greens suggests four capsules a day and no doubt most people need that much to begin with because they are so under nourished that it will take that amount to get their immune system strong enough to resist illness. My husband takes only two each morning and rarely starts to get a cold or flu bug, but when he does, he goes into the kitchen for more and is just fine. I prefer not to do this, so I also take two every morning and some times- not always, I take one more. Let your body guide you. If you take only two and start to get sick, take more for a few days. I love that we don’t get colds, flu, diabetes, cancer, or other bad things! By taking half of the suggested dosage, a bottle will last two months instead of one and by calling the special number here, you get a special price. I doubt you could do better at the grocery or drug store, and those will not usually keep you from getting colds and flu. Again, we don’t sell anything, but Purity loves that we chose to put their product on our website, so this is their way of thanking us. They continually add new products that may be of interest to you, so check them out from time to time, then come here to order. Go, Purity, Go!!

While on this subject please let me mention probiotics. Not too long ago my Naturopath said I should be getting more probiotics and I thought- WHAT does THAT mean?? I then learned that probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for our health, especially our digestive system. I further learned that if we don’t get enough in our foods, our system may not digest our foods well and it could actually result in weight gain for us and if we add probiotics to our diet the extra weight could possibly go away. OK- this is what I’ve found that I can recommend… If you want to lose some weight, then we suggest you consider two new products from Purity. Both the Meal Replacement and the Protein Smoothie contain the probiotics your body needs for maximum performance as well as protein to kill your excess hunger!  GOOD NEWS! If you call Purity at 1-800-595-9462, ext. 5373 and tell them Jeannie James sent you, they will give you special privilege and better prices than their regular site offers and we don’t think you can beat that- YES!! Go for great health today– call Purity at the number above and tell them Jeannie James sent you. You’ll be glad you did!

1 A vit1 kids

The NCD (Zeolite) does not come from Purity, but Waiora. We have a page there, so if you put our number- 909481 into your order information we will get credit for it.  

Below are some of the things we’ve taken and enjoyed. We let our Naturopath guide us as to how much of what vitamins we need, so we no longer take some of these, but will always take the Perfect Multi Super Greens and the NCD to maintain our good health.




Need probiotics?  The Meal Replacement and this PROTEIN Smoothie both have some in them! They also now have another new probiotic product with magnesium you may be interested in.

DON’T FORGET THE KIDS! If your child gets colds and/or flu, change the brand of vitamins you give them. Theirs must also contain sun-ripened fruits and veggies just as yours do, in order to keep the child well and we trust Purity- check them out! They also have healthy fish oil for the munchkins!

We’re Getting Fat Because We Eat
Too Little of Key, Critical Nutrients!

You see, there are certain vitamins and minerals that are essential to the human body- nutrients we can only get by consuming them on a frequent basis, so if you sit down to a meal that doesn’t give your body the nutrients it needs, your brain is likely to keep sending urgent “hunger signals” that make you want to eat more and more!!

If you eat a good chemical-free diet and take good live vitamins, you will be doing much to achieve good health. You may cruise the Internet, or just go straight to Purity. We get most of our supplements from them because they keep us well and provide almost all of what we need. They will even give samples so you can try before you buy. Their Perfect Multi Super Greens will keep the colds and flu away, strengthen your immune system so that you won’t get diabetes, cancer and do much for your good health. We prefer their fish oil too- they have a number to choose from- we like KrillBerry. However, to remove toxins, we’ve found Zeolite from Waiora to be the best way to go. If you know someone with cancer, go to a.s.a.p. and load them up on Zeolite.



Please note that any advertisements that you see on this blog are placed here by The Administrators of this blog have no connection to or financial interest in any of the promoted products and/or services and gain no income from any advertising displayed on this blog.


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