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HOWEVER, many are looking for a ‘quick fix’, not realizing that after the latest diet pill works- if it does, they will go right back to where they were, simply because they failed to change their eating habits while on the ‘miracle’ pill. These diet aids- when they work- are perfect to help you achieve your goal, but in order to avoid the yo-yo dieting trap, you must examine your diet, find the problems in it and fix it in order to be truly successful.

There are a great many products on the market that beg you to give them a try. They claim to help you lose lots of weight- often quickly, keep it off- on and on! Of course, the product they want you to try and then buy month after month, puts money in their pocket while not doing you much good at all, if any. Here are some examples- RIGHT SIZE SMOOTHIES that contain, among other things, Fructose and Canola Oil- both very bad for you- especially if you have a weight problem! SENSA seems to be OK as far as ingredients, unless you want to avoid Maltodextrin, which many like to avoid- and we wonder about the way it is advertised to work. I believe it costs about $60. a month and for that money you can change a few brands, eat better and lose even more than they advertise. AF PLUS has the best ingredients, but the supplements we take contain these important and helpful things, so the money they want each month is better spent on different food choices and yummy snacks made with healthful ingredients. RASPBERRY KETONES is all raspberry and no doubt good for you, but we believe you would be far better off to use that money to get better supplements and fresh raspberries! HCG is a hormone produced in women by the placenta during pregnancy- Doctors say not to take it for diets. GARCINIA CAMBOGIA is one we have just completed our study on. The fruit itself is good, but many companies are playing with ingredients, giving you something that won’t work well for you, if at all, and running to the bank with your hard-earned money. Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, & South Beach Diet are all companies that use very unhealthy ingredients, which means if you do lose- and many do- you may not be able to keep that loss without a real struggle that many find difficult if not impossible. Very similar to these companies, is ADVOCARE. This company has some success, but uses many unhealthy products. We’ve been seeing ads for MEDIFAST that sound good, but like Jenny Craig, NutriSystem & South Beach Diet, they use foods filled with bad ingredients that will not solve your weight problem, and in some cases only add to it. SLIMQUICK is VERY expensive, has some bad ingredients and uses mostly green tea which can be had for less with other companies. LIPOZENE seems to be a good choice for some- pros & cons below. 30/10 WEIGHT LOSS FOR LIFE has been advertised a lot lately, but we haven’t been able to research it well because they are not sharing the information we need and want without our signing up. Skinny Fiber/Skinny Body MAX is a good choice for some because it has excellent ingredients, but buyer beware of fakes- more info below. YACON/YAKON SYRUP has been getting a lot of attention and like others, is advertised as the best way to lose weight. Surprise!! This seems to be true and something we can recommend, but beware- many companies are giving you something that won’t work well if at all. We cover what you need to know about each of these products below…

Before we explain these in more detail below, we want to mention here that none of these products will melt away your fat.  Some of them do work, but it is not by melting you, it is by reducing your hunger, causing you to eat less and therefore lose weight. They work best with a good healthy chemical-free diet- not an unbalanced or crash diet, but something you can live with for life. If you are eating wrong for your body, take one of these diet aids, lose your excess weight, then go back to eating the way you did in the past, your excess weight will come back. The companies selling these diet aids rely on that. They want your business on and off for life. Even though many of these companies tell you what they believe you should eat while on their product, we haven’t found any that suggests healthy foods, but rather pretty much things you were probably eating that caused your weight gain in the first place. If you are serious about losing weight- and we believe you must be if you’re going to purchase any of these expensive diet aids- go to our EAT HEALTHY! page and follow that plan while you use your diet aid. You will not be hungry, you will enjoy all your foods because you choose what you eat, and best of all, you will become thin for life- no more diet aids needed!

SPEAKING OF DIET AIDS… I’ve completed my study of these things and have the answer I need for myself- would it work for you? Probably, but I really can’t say, since we’re all a bit different in how our bodies work and what they need. I am carbohydrate intolerant and since I realize many of my readers no doubt have the same problem, I will share here what is now helping me. The GREEN TEA suggested by my Naturopath is wonderful and has now become a part of my daily food supply, but I don’t try to drink the recommended amount, so I’m taking capsules (60% catechins). IC-5 is proving to be just what I need at this time- but in a few months I will drop it, since they use cassia rather than Ceylon cinnamon, and get some Ceylon cinnamon- but since IC-5 is not a drug or diet gimmick, it really doesn’t matter to me at the moment. I’m so very glad for doctors and nutritionists who can pinpoint our problems and supply answers that work well for us!…. It is now ‘later’ and my IC-5 is gone so I am taking 1/2 tsp. of Ceylon cinnamon twice a day and feel no different- my hunger is still gone. Before too long I will only do this once a day, since my hunger is well under control and I think the health benefits can be had with just one of these a day. I’m putting it into a drink that contains 2 Tbs. of Braggs vinegar and 2 tsp. of Yacon Syrup. I’m learning that Braggs vinegar, Ceylon cinnamon and Yacon Syrup are wonderful things to bring us good health and that if you don’t care for the taste of vinegar, it can be put into any juice or drink you would like to add it to in order to make the taste something you can actually enjoy and your cinnamon can be sprinkled on buttered toast or included in any raw recipe! What is my recipe for success? Take two green tea capsules with your filtered water, then mix into an 8-12 oz. cup- 2 Tablespoons Braggs vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon Ceylon cinnamon, 1-2 teaspoons Yacon syrup and a packet of stevia if you want more sweetness. Add your filtered water, mix well and drink.  😉

A F plus-

Each capsule contains: Acai fruit extract, Green tea leaf extract, ginseng root extract, pomegranate fruit extract and amia fruit extract. This product is advertised as a ‘One-a-Day Natural Alternative for Enhanced Weight Loss and Energy‘. We got a bottle when we were first aware of it and noted that it did indeed contain wonderful and healthy ingredients, but not only did it not melt any fat, it did not decrease our hunger. If you are eating the right chemical-free foods for your body, you will lose weight- so why pay a company for something that you don’t actually need? For real success, follow the suggestions on our EAT HEALTHY! page.

What’s In SENSA

The Truth About Sensa– it has been in trouble…

WebMD Expert Column

Sensa isn’t a diet. It’s a product that you sprinkle on your food that promises to help you feel full and lose weight.

Sensa ads have been misleading, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which took action against Sensa’s marketers. In January 2014, Sensa agreed to pay $26.5 million to settle the FTC’s charges.

Sensa is still selling its products. “Sensa’s safety is not an issue,” the company’s web site states.

Sensa notes that it “has agreed to make changes to its advertising claims” and hasn’t admitted any wrongful conduct.

falling blue crystals

What Is Sensa?

Sensa sprinkles are food flakes made from maltodextrin, tricalcium phosphate, silica, and flavors. You sprinkle them on food as you would salt or sugar.

Savory flavors include cheddar cheese, onion, horseradish, ranch dressing, taco, and Parmesan cheese. Sweet flavors are cocoa, spearmint, banana strawberry, raspberry, and malt.

The products are calorie-free, sugar-free, and sodium-free.

Does Sensa Work?

The FTC has criticized the research Sensa’s makers provided about the product.

Sensa’s web site says the company isn’t able to comment on any new study results yet.

Sensa Refund

The FTC will use money from Sensa’s settlement to provide refunds to consumers who bought Sensa.

We suggest you skip the flakes and follow our EAT HEALTHY! page.

Maltodextrin* is made from natural corn starch. It’s commonly found in cereals, canned fruits, salad dressings and instant pudding.  Tricalcium Phosphate is a calcium supplement commonly found in dairy products, candy and jams. Silica is essential for performing metabolic functions. Foods high in silica are leafy green vegetables, onions, rice, whole grains and barley.



YIKES!! Not just unhealthy- look at all the words used that we don’t even recognize! I’m certainly not drinking this!


Many companies are trying to take advantage of this product, so buyer beware. We believe the best place to go if you really want to have this product is probably: http://www.aprovenproduct.com/products/view/raspberry Having shared that, the very best way to lose weight is to find how your body works, what it needs, and feed it that way. Your weight will take care of itself with a proper chemical-free eating habit, no diet needed! See our EAT HEALTHY! page.


HCG is a hormone produced in women by the placenta during pregnancy. HCG is sold as a prescription drug approved by the Food & Drug Administration for various medical conditions including the treatment of female infertility (but not weight-loss). The diet that goes with it, requires a daily dosage of this hormone along with an obligation to eat a very low calorie diet of ONLY 500 CALORIES A DAY! I checked with both my Naturopath and Medical Doctor and they both told me the same thing- you eat 500 calories a day and of course you lose weight and it has nothing to do with the HCG. Neither of them think we should take HCG and I totally agree!

Jenny Craig, South Beach & NutriSystem

These companies prepare foods using sugar, dextrose, sucralose, fructose, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup,  bleached flour, canola, soybean oil, corn oil, margarine, soy protein, and preservatives, which is not a complete list, but we just couldn’t make ourselves check further to see what other unhealthy things might be lurking in those foods. Of all the helpful things you can do to lose weight, these are on the very top of our NO-NO- LIST!! For a plan you can follow with success, see our HEALTHY EATING- Quick ‘n Easy! blog.


This company uses Independent Distributors, and offers a 24-Day Challenge. It has two phases and a number of products. The GOOD news- their products are chock full of wonderful, healthy, and even chemical-free ingredients. The BAD news- ingredients in some of those ‘healthy’ products also include among other things, sugar, sucralose, fructose, corn syrup, agave syrup, and several soy products. Yes, you might lose with this program, but unless you start our EAT HEALTHY! plan at some point, don’t expect lasting results. This is an expensive way to learn what our EAT HEALTHY article gives you- totally FREE- we sell nothing, only suggest good companies and foods that will serve you well, as it has us.


This company is similiar to Jenny Craig and NutriSystem in that they send you meals and snacks, tell you how to eat and have you do it six times a day. Their ads sound great since they say things like… ‘Our doctor-approved, nutritionally sound 5 & 1 Plan is perfect for every lifestyle, and it’s simple! We’ll support you on this weight-loss, health-gain journey. Reach your goal, your way, right now’. The problem is– they use unhealthy food ingredients in the foods they send, which means if you stick with them strictly until you reach your weight goal, then go back pretty much to the way you ate before, your excess weight will return. The best way to lose that weight is to follow our EAT HEALTHY! page and you will not only lose ugly fat, you will become very healthy– for life.


So far we’ve learned that this is a fruit that can be of benefit, but many companies are playing with it in order to sell you something that won’t work for you, but brings them in a lot of money. Should you decide to get some, make sure it has at least 1500mg, 60% HCA, includes potassium, but NOTHING ELSE!! We have learned that many companies put calcium in it and that kills any effect the fruit has for you. After completing my study, I can recommend the one from Whole Body Research. The first one I tried did nothing for me at all (it had calcium in it), but this one definitely reduces hunger. I have learned, thanks to my Naturopath and by taking it myself, that there is no product that will just melt your fat. There are however, some good products that will take away hunger. That means you will eat less and your fat will begin to disappear. Eating right for your body will cause you to lose fat, but sometimes a boost is needed, either because you are anxious, or because you are slowly switching from bad for you foods to good for you foods. It is important for you to realize that taking a product to remove hunger only does just that. If you don’t change the foods you were eating while gaining, you will not keep the unwanted pounds off once you reach your goal and stop the diet aid. Diet aids should be just that, and not a lifelong way of controlling our weight. To discover the best way to eat for your body, (all bodies are not exactly the same)- not be hungry, lose excess weight and keep it off, read our article EAT HEALTHY! To Your Good Health!


We did a complete study on this and found the following…

  1. Drink Mix– the ingredients include aspartame & sucralose, both a very big no-no. 
  2. Gummies the ingredients include corn syrup & sugar, two big no-no’s.
  3. Caffeine Free this one contains soy extract, not an ingredient we want.
  4. Regular strength has some ‘ose’ things, but not sucralose which we think may be the worst of the offenders.
  5.  Extra strength also has some ‘ose’ ingredients (not sucralose), but we don’t feel the need for the extra vitamins, so we chose this one for our study.

NEXT we checked the recommended diet. Not something we will use or recommend. They use low-fat dairy products, lots of egg whites, leaving out the healthy yolks, and a number of wheat products. INSTEAD, we will use our healthy eating plan and count carbs, staying at 60 or LESS per day as much as possible.

This product contains mostly Green Tea and my Naturopath once told me he drinks it every day for health, so I went to him for some answers. I was told that Green Tea does increase metabolism and is good for us in other ways as well- a good thing to include in our daily diet. I may get some in capsules rather than trying to drink it, but will now begin to include it in my diet.

I’ve started checking out companies that sell green tea in capsules and have been shocked by the very low cost compared to SLIMQUICK. I cannot recommend this product for many reasons, but suggest you shop around for a Green Tea that you like and add a tsp. of Yacon Syrup to your cup– or just take capsules, making sure they contain 60% catechins.


The manufacturers of this product say it is clinically proven to reduce body fat with just one ingredient, glucomannan. Of course it has been proven to aid in reducing, but it does not do the reducing. That happens because you eat less, not because this product begins eating your fat. We found the information below to be most helpful.


According to the University of Michigan, glucomannan is a natural fiber that comes from the konjac root, a plant that grows in Asia. Glucomannan is a water-soluble fiber, meaning it dissolves in water and becomes soft and gel-like in your intestines. It is not broken down until it reaches the large intestine, helping you to feel full longer. The manufacturers of Lipozene maintain that this feeling of fullness will help you to decrease your food intake, and thus lose weight.

Glucomannan’s Effectiveness

Studies looking at glucomannan’s effectiveness as a weight loss treatment have shown mixed results. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center reports one double-blind placebo-controlled study of 20 women who were 20 percent over their ideal weight found that the women lost an average of 5.5 lbs. in eight weeks while taking glucomannan supplements. However, other studies have reported no weight loss as a result of taking glucomannan supplements.


Most side effects of Lipozene are consistent with eating a lot of fiber, such as gas, bloating and diarrhea. Known adverse reactions to glucomannan supplements also include chest pain, vomiting and difficulty swallowing or breathing. Health Canada reports glucomannan tablets should be taken with at least eight oz. of water or fluid to prevent choking and blockage of your throat, esophagus and intestine. You may decide to simply add more soluble fiber to your diet as an alternative to Lipozene. Do this by eating more oat bran, beans, peas and fruit. 

Jeannie here– I would not have a problem trying this, because it is a natural ingredient product, but if you do get some, make sure you begin eating as we’ve laid out in our HEALTHY EATING- Quick ‘n Easy! blog. Otherwise, you may discover you are getting into yo-yo dieting, which of course companies depend on in order to keep you a customer for life. You can avoid that pitfall by learning how to eat in order NOT to gain back your losses!

*Maltodextrin– What is it- should we avoid it? 

I really like the article If you’re obsessed with reading labels, then you’ve probably come across the ingredient maltodextrin. Sounds like some type of sugar, but is it safe to eat? It will settle your mind to know that this common additive is an easily digestible carbohydrate made from rice, corn, or potato starch (celiacs, beware — it can also be derived from barley or wheat). It’s made by cooking down the starch, and then acid and/or enzymes break the starch down even further.

Maltodextrin is a white powder often used in processed foods as a thickener or a filler since it’s fairly inexpensive, as well as in pharmaceuticals as a binding agent. You’ll find it in all the processed foods you should not be eating and since it contains fewer calories than sugar, it’s also found in sugar substitutes, such as Splenda or Equal, which are big no-no’s in good health eating.

HOWEVER– maltodextrin is usually used in such small amounts that it doesn’t have a significant impact in terms of the amount of protein, fat, carbohydrate, or fiber that it adds to foods. Although maltodextrin is processed and it’s not the healthiest thing to put in our bodies, at least we know it’s made from real food, not some nasty chemicals, so if you find it in one of your healthy foods, don’t be concerned. It’s okay.

30/10 Weight Loss For Life

This company says– The 30/10 Weight Loss for Life protocol takes an integrative approach to you slimming down with a goal and objective for you achieving your 30/10 defined healthy/ideal weight. We understand that weight loss and weight gain is primarily mental, emotional, habit and behavior. These vital aspects of our being must be addressed along with the diet. Our state of mind is really the critical link. You have to want to change, a sincere willingness to let go the bad habits and those bad habit “demons” (sabotaging thoughts and feelings). We incorporate taped Self Mastery Sessions (see SMT/Brainwave) in addition to behavior modification techniques to help you re-pattern how you think and feel about food, diet, exercise and weight loss for life. Each person has their own individual issues with food and diet that causes them to put on the weight that has prevented them from slimming down. Our protocol is very precise and we strive to make the process as easy as is possible with the addition of great tasting nutritional food products. Best results are always obtained with the person who has the desire, commitment, determination and conviction to achieve their desired state at their ideal weight.”

Jeannie here– this is certainly NOT anything we can recommend! Sounds difficult and hard to us– our EAT HEALTHY! page is very easy, comfortable and you will lose weight without all the effort this plan requires, not to mention our page is a FREE read and you don’t have to go to meetings or clinics!

Skinny Body MAX

Finally!! These last two are products we can actually recommend with confidence, knowing from experience that they not only work, if you eat a chemical-free diet as much as possible, your extra weight will NOT return- HOW GREAT IS THAT!

This product has excellent ingredients and will work, but they don’t tell you how to not gain once you’ve reached your goal. It is sold by independent distributors who may or may not have the knowledge they need to help you eat right for your body and not gain again after going off this great pill. Learn more about this great product here! The only way this will give you the long term results you want is by making some slight changes to your daily diet. It is very possible to eat foods you love, not have your hunger out of control and be very healthy just by eating chemical free foods. To learn more, read and follow our EAT HEALTHY! page. You’ll be so very glad you did! Oh- one more thing- you are no doubt aware that many companies produce fake products in order to take your money and what they give you very often doesn’t work well, if at all! We have two sites here that may be of interest to you– Marilyn Glenville has an interesting web page, and we have long appreciated articles we get from Natural News– do check this one out!!

Yakon Syrup

Out of all the things we have covered here, this is something very healthy and good for us that actually does help with weight loss and as long as you don’t eat an unhealthy diet, you have found one of the very best things to do in getting rid of those unwanted pounds and keeping them off! You must realize, though, that if this works for you and you stop using it, you will not keep those pounds off unless you eat a healthy, chemical-free diet (fun & delicious). Because this is such a healthy food, we suggest you keep it on hand for the best way to aid in keeping you healthy- put it into drinks, on pancakes and waffles, use it in recipes- now, please read the article we’ve done on Yacon syrup and our EAT HEALTHY! page as well. Also we refer you to CONSUMER REVIEW.

At this point, we’d like to share with you the REAL SECRET TO SUCCESS that we have discovered. We all know that a good diet and exercise program is needed for losing ugly fat and achieving a healthy body free of disease. HOWEVER– we’ve found the real secret to your success is simply to leave out of your diet ALL CHEMICALS found in the foods you eat! Doing that one thing will do more for your success than anything else you might consider, since you will no doubt discover not only do you not need a special diet, you don’t have to count calories, carbs, or anything else! We urge you to read our article on that as well as our EAT HEALTHY! page.

As we worked on these articles, it has occurred to us that the companies who put you on a special program and send you food could do not only overweight folks a favor, but could keep those clients for life, not by having them do the yo-yo diet, but by giving them what they need and want. If the foods they sent out were made totally with chemical-free healthy ingredients, people would learn that eating healthy not only gives them a slim healthy body, but tastes great too. Then after they have completed the special program and are the right size, the company could keep them by offering some of their wonderful foods, especially for holidays and special occasions. Wouldn’t it be great if we could order things like huge Belgium Waffles, Lasagna, cheesecake and other yummy desserts that are made with healthy, chemical-free ingredients? It could be done and perhaps one day a company will do just that– we can hope!



Please note that any advertisements that you see on this blog are placed here by WordPress.com. The Administrators of this blog have no connection to or financial interest in any of the promoted products and/or services and gain no income from any advertising displayed on this blog.


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